Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Knitted Coats for Madame and her Dog

Although  not in the hundreds, I have come across a fair number of knitting or crochet patterns that are designed for mother/daughter, or father/son, or even brother/sister, but this is a first for me !

May I present two knitting designs that are woman/dog, or whatever combination in which you might like to think of it .... perhaps human/canine ?

These knitted designs came out of McCalls Needlecraft Magazine - Fall/Winter 1963.  I will say the pullovers are both great looking designs, as well as the dog coats.   I particularly like the dog coat on the right ... complete with pockets to carry those small things the 'walker' might need.    But, the set together, well, that's just 'too cute'.

I've listed these in the shop, should you be interested in creating the ladies pullovers, or dog coats.   But please, if you knit (and wear) the combos, please don't tell me !

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Womans Day Knitting Pattern Leaflet HH-46

Tucked away, in the September 1946 issue of Woman's Day Magazine  .....
September 1946 issue of Womans Day Magazine
....  is a three page spread across pages 39 - 44.   Here, the reader is shown a number of knitting patterns for the home.

Womans Day Leaflet HH-46 Magazine Pattern Offer
 Starting with three afghans ... all of relative standard fair, however, perfect knitting projects for the beginners among us. 

Mail Away Bedspread Knitting Patterns
 Standard fair ... as is the diagonal rug and the baby crib cover.   But there standard fair stops.   I've seen many knitting patterns, and as for the lap blanket and the four knitted doilies .... all quite unique design motifs.   I was thinking I'd never seen these before ... anywhere ... so I went out and did a few Google image searches and found nothing.  These two bedspreads. ... the same.  Now, the top bedspread is somewhat similar to a design called Evensong, but the same ... nope.  

Bedspread Mail Away Knitting Pattern
 And then, on the third page is this lovely knitted design ... a pinwheel bedspread.   Now, the pinwheel itself is not that unique, but this particular one, I didn't find in any search.

Typically the patterns that appeared in the magazines were sponsored by one of the advertisers and just who was alway obvious by the brand of thread or yarn called for.   In these designs, the threads are generic - no brands listed.

These patterns were the mail-away variety and not included in the magazine.  If the reader wanted them, they had to send a Self Addressed 3 cent stamped envelope and they were mailed back.   A teaser, you might say.

Should you be interested, I've listed most of these designs in my shop.

For just a little more fun, on the back page of the pattern set, was this promotion ....

How about those prices !!

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crocheted Doilies Pattern Leaflet 208

In my stack of loose pattern leaflets is American Thread Leaflet 208.

Tucked away in the back cover is the only identifier - American Thread Company - Leaflet No 208.

Now, my first thought is ... I've seen this before.   I'm sure this is already in the shop.  So, off I went to look.   But no ... not actually.  There are certainly very similar Pansy Doilies, but not this exact one.  In looking through them, American Thread had  the common theme of the marvelous three color pansy border and the eight section center, but each of the centers have a slight variation to them.

Frequently Leaflet Numbers will tie to the pattern book thee designs came out of.  Off to American Thread Book 208.
Yes, Book 208 has that lovely Pansy Doily, but, it carries a different center motif and the second leaflet doily -- Rose Irish is not in this book at all.

I spent awhile in Google Images trying to identify where this pattern originates and came to a dead in. There are many doily designs, of course, named Irish Rose, not 'Rose Irish' -- No.    It is a beauty, 12 inches in diameter, with those delicate roses all around.     As curiosity is always my cat, I'll have to continue the watch.   I've no doubt it will pop up somewhere.  

I've listed these two in the shop, should you be interested.
Pansy Doily 
Rose Irish Crocheted Doily 

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bucilla Hand Crocheted Cotton Kits - Vintage 1934

Periodically I will come across a stack of loose pattern leaflets on Ebay and I almost always react along the lines of .... I WANT THEM ....      

These stacks can be a true treasure; you just never know what you are going to find.   Like this one ... 

 This is a promotional advertisement - Bucilla Hand Crocheted Cotton Kits - dated 1934 from Bernhard Ullman.   This is a three page folded over pamphlet.

"In this circular, you'll find a selection of 24 new and smart things you'll just delight in making"

Page Two  

Page Three

The back page gives us a list of Bernhard's current release of pattern books.  

One of the things I find interesting in this circular is there is no reference on how to obtain the kits.  Now, my assumption would be that you'd have to go to your local retailer, where this advertisement would have been available.  But still, no mail-order options.

Did you notice the little logo on the bottom right of page 4 ?. 

NRA We Do Out Part Advertisement
I found it quite interesting.  Not particularly that Bernhard Ullman were supporters of the NRA, but such a political statement for the time period ... it not being war-time.

The document is in fair condition only.  I've stuck it in a sleeve and stored away in the 'B' File.   Some day, when I die, I hope all this 'stuff' goes off to someone who will enjoy going through it as much as I do !

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tips on Tables, Vintage Crochet Book 167 from Spool Cotton

Okay, the title here gives us a great start.    In the evenings I like to rework these vintage (public domain) patterns while watching TV with my husband.   Well ... he's actually the one watching TV ... I'm just sitting on the couch with him !    This week, I've been working on my issue of ....

Crochet pattern Book 167 Tablecloths Scarves Doilies
Spool Cotton Company Book No 167 - Tips on Tables.   This book was published in 1941 (yep, 74 years ago), in promotion of their current lines of threads.
No 7385 -  Dance of the Flowers - graces both the front and back cover.   This delightful large floral medallion with smaller fill-in work is worked in two colors.

The threads, well that would be "Clark's O.N.T. or J&P Coats Best Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Thread.   Remember, this is a time period before Coat's and Clark's were merged together into one brand.

No 7391 - Sorcery - Another medallions design (5 1/4 inches) with smaller fill-in motifs.  The finished cloth measures 53 x 73 inches. 

Filet Crocheted Cloth Pattern in Mosaic Motif
No 7363 - Richelieu - This (first) filet crochet selection carries a bold mosaic motif in the extra long size of 65 x 93 inches.

Vintage Crochet Doily Luncheon Set Pattern in Spiderweb Motif
No 7444 - Peacock Tails - This four piece luncheon set was a quite popular design during the 1940's, appearing in five (that I know of) different Spool Cotton pattern books.

No 7414 - Snowfall - A delicate luncheon set with place mats and runners made up of small 2 1/8 motifs in a snowflake design.

No 7386 - Princess Charming - Dainty floral and leaf motif  in octagon motifs.  The finished cloth is the standard 60 x 80 inches.

No 7387 Forest Flowers - A larger motif at 5 inches, with fill-in, that resembles an opening flower bloom.

No 7416 - Family Affair - This Dogwood trimmed beauty, worked in Filet Crochet, measures 70 inches in diameter.

Crocheted Lace Mat Pattern No 7185A called Spring Song
No 7185A - Spring Song - This exquisite lace mat is perfectly sized for trays.   The pattern includes the 'A", which means there is a corresponding piece out there.   I've not yet found it, but rest assured, I'll be on the watch.

No 7433 - Rusticana - A round Mat set densely crocheted using Knit-Cro-Sheen in three colors.
This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

No 7389 - Summer Sun - Another round medallion cloth; quite different but equally as lovely as the others.

Large Filet Crochet Squares for Tablecloth
No 7388 - A Square-A-Day - This third filet crochet selection is made of large 17 inch square blocks in a somewhat geometric flower motif.

Small Crochet Flower Medallion Pattern for cloths
No 7415 - True Love - Small Posy Flower motifs (a lot of them!) create this marvelous cloth - also 60 x 80 inches.

Rose Mats Patterns worked in Filet Crochet
No 7408 - Rosy Posy - Our last filet crochet selection gives us a delightful luncheon set in rounded shape.

Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern in Star Medallions
No 7328 - Brighter Star - The 5 1/2 inch round star motifs, with openwork joinings create a lovely cloth that is 65 x 90 inches.   A smaller version of this would almost make a lovely runner.

Gingerbread House Crochet Pattern No 7392
No 7392 - Gingerbread House - A tri-color mat set that has great potential; not only in browns but the colors of your dining room.

No 7390 - Flower Girl - This cloth is created in 4-1/2 inch medallions that are a 6-petal flower with small fill-in.   A grand design for your dining table.

Vintage Filet Crocheted Tablecloth Border Pattern
No 7413 - Frolic - This sweet motif cloth starts with a linen center surrounded by a wide and whimsical squirrel and floral border.  Termed a tea cloth, is measures 44 inches square.

The book closes with a promotional advertisement for the other Spool Cotton pattern books of similar release dates.

And, there we go.  True to the title - Tips on Tables - all seventeen cloths or mats pattern are geared to the dining table.  I like that they put in five filet crocheted motifs; certainly more than the average vintage pattern book.

It took me almost a week to get through this one, but it's now listed in the shop for vintage historical value.  Time to move on to the next set ... perhaps a magazine this time.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lily Daisy Book 102 Crocheted Bedspreads Tablecloth and Novelties

Next up in my stack of pattern books is a delightful selection, in a lacy sort-of-way, from Lily Mills.  This pattern book goes back on 1939 and has a nice collection of home decor accessories.   They have a quite vintage feel, as should be for designs that are now 75 years passed

For reasons that I've not yet discovered, this pattern book was released with two different patterns covers.  All other factors are the same.

Lily Mills Daisy Book No 102 - Crocheted Bedspreads, Tablecloth and Novelties

Lacy Bedspread No 620 - An intriguing 10- inch medallion bedspread design with fill-in and a pointed scalloped border.  

Imitation Armenian Lace Bedspread No 621 - Another lovely medallion bedspread with long fingers of fringe.  The instructions include a variation border design for scarves. 

Star Bedspread No 623 in Two Colors  - This motif spread, with flowers in a contrast color, has unusual breaks in the motif design, presumable whether the design meets the table edges.  The motif here could also be easily used to create cloths of other sizes. 

Daffodil Bedspread No 624 - This pretty filet crochet design is worked old style ... without charts.  The size of hook is not designated; you control the size.  

Three Piece Buffet Set No 625 - A small medallion pattern that can be joined to make mats, scarves, etc., in sizes of your choice with a nice chain and treble border. 

Rose and Daisy Design No 626 - Two easy crocheted medallion designs to be joined to form mats or cloths is sizes of your choice.  

Filet Tablecloth No 699 - This lovely cloth, worked to chart will measure 64 x 72 inches.   This pattern was also released as Lily Leaflet 64A.  

Refreshment Doily Set No 628- Features 5 different filet and crochet designs to use as drink mats. 

Rose Pillow Top No 629 - The outer motif of this pretty block forms an attractive diamond motif. 

Chair Set No 630 - Another small medallion design that can be used to create a variety of items.

Handy Pot Holders No 631 and 632 - colorful kitchen accessories in 6 and 8 colors of Crochet Cotton. 

Medallion Designs -- Crochet in desired quantities to form scarves, spreads and cloths.

Crocheted Edgings - Three exquisite edgings worked in Crochet Cotton with a No 12 hook.

And, that is the entire book.   All the patterns are crochet, with three filet selection.  I felt the designs in this particular book were much more intricate that many of the other designs in this time period.  My guess is the styles originate from an earlier time period, however, I have nothing concrete to base that on.   

Okay, I've now finished this book, time to move on.   I think I'll try one of the Smart Knitting Magazines next. 

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

ABC Book of Crocheted Edges by Asmus Bradley

I'm slowly working my way through the The ABC Book of Crocheted Edges and Corners - No 2.   This book is one of 5 that was published by the Asmus Bradley Company during the 1920's.

Usually, the leaflet styled pattern books were published in promotion of a specific line of threads or yarns.   And, typically, the books were from the brand name itself.  You know, Spool Cotton, Botany Brands, Etc.    The makers of yarns and threads, at the store level would have pattern books.  The ladies would not only buy the pattern books, but their recommended materials as well.

In this line of thought, I started wondering ... Who was Asmus Bradley Co.?   This led me on a two and a half hour internet search project entitled ... how I spent my Sunday morning.   And, what did I learn?   Well, not much.  Apparently the Asmus Bradley Co. was ran by an individual named Charles E Bradley.   I could find no real estate ties to them, other than renting of the fifth floor of a building at 208 W Monroe, Chicago IL.  The business trade was listed as Art, Needlework Materials and Fancy Linens.   They had copyright notices for their pattern books, as well as some reference to tatting shuttles.  But, no manufacturing.   So, my current guess is Asmus Bradley was a retailer, selling art supplies to the ladies of the times and published books as self promotion.   Again, this is just a guess on my part.   To try and substantiate, I've sent an Email off to D.M.C. asking them if there was any other relationship between them.  (I've also asked for their recommended equivalent guide for the No 40 Six Cord Cotton).  

All that aside, let me get back to this book -- The ABC book of Crocheted Edges and Corners.   It's a quite nice book with 18 pages; 16 of which are individual patterns for crochet edges and corners (just as you might suspect).  

Awhile back I made a decision not to sell edging patterns, and since that time have been placing them in a Google Plus Photo Album called Crochet Edgings and Insertions for anyone to access or use.   If you'd like to see the patterns 'closer up', you are welcome to visit the album.   Patterns are in alphabetical and then numerical order.  

Okay, time for me to get back on track.
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P.S.   I'll update this post should I receive an answer from D.M.C.   (Not often, but once in awhile these companies do answer).