Monday, May 2, 2016

Crocheted Cape Pattern, Vintage Alice Brooks 5360

Each day I strive to process one or two mail order patterns for the shop.   Today, at the top of the pile (or, actually, at the front of the container) was Design 5360, which seemed as good as any a place to start.   Now, at this point, I could call this pattern .... how I spent a good portion of the day.

This pattern is best described as fragile .... as it should be ... going all the way back to 1936.

Fortunately, I'd scanned this pattern back in 2014, before it became quite so fragile.  Still, it needed taped back together at the folds for the checking process.   An interesting note about this Alice Brooks Design pattern is it is written entirely in caps (which made it a real bugger to check).   I do not recall seeing this in any others.  

 Now, I do not crochet so I cannot truly attest whether this is a difficult pattern, (the directions say it is a simple stitch), but it is definitely a large pattern .... lots of directions.   It's a lacy delight with a jabot type neck tie and a one size below breast / above elbow design.   Some might even call it a capelet.

Here's the official 1936 write up, which is delightful as well.   I have to say, as far as pattern descriptions go these days, nothing is this charming!

The pattern is now available in the shop, should you be interested.  

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bedspreads and Tablecloths Crochet Patterns Book No 301

For this review, let's take it all the way back to 1953.  (I don't know about you, but that's before even I was born!).  In this time, the flight to the suburbs continues, many women continue to be stay-at-home mothers, and fashions are on the sleek side, which were termed Modern.  (Relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past).    The book is ....

J&P Coats & Clark's Book No 301Bedspreads and Tablecloths
The inside cover promotion:  AMERICAN MODERN ... the prettiest, most practical style of home decoration that flows more and more popular every year.  To prove that creative crochet is always charming, we have chosen representative examples of contemporary American furniture and have designed harmonizing bedspreads and tablecloths.  And, as an outlet for your imagination, we give you a selection of motifs, to make whatever you desire in the thread of your choice - which, of course, will be the best -- Coats and Clark's O.N.T. Crochet Cottons.  

S-435 California Modern is made of 4" medallions.

S-436 Pennsylvania Modern - The two color display gives this design a bit of a geometric look.  Square are 3 1/2 inches.
S-437 Maryland Modern is the first 'fitted' spread I've seen in any of the pattern books.   It is accompanied by a 10 inch bolster.  The medallions are 3 inch.

S-483 Texas Modern is a 6 inch medallion in an octagon shape with a circle center.  A quite appealing design.

In the middle of the book, Coats & Clark's decided to take a bit of a shortcut and give us samples of the medallions only, with a small sketch next to it to further imply possible uses.  The theme .. let your imagination to wild; use these for cloths, chair sets, whatever.  Note that the bottom left square is actually a hairpin lace panel.  (P.S. -- I'd imagine most of these, crocheted in knitting worsted, would make great afghans).  These individual medallions are available in the shop.

S-446 Virginia Modern is not technically a crocheted tablecloth, but a tablecloth with crochet detail.  The pretty motif is 1-1/2 inches and is joined to and sewn to the cloth to form borders and edges.

And the back cover is graced by the stunning S-447 Oregon Modern.   This beauty, in wheat motif, measures 66 inches in diameter and will become the central focus in any room.
And, that's it.  At first I though it was light on tablecloths until my thinking cleared and realized the medallions in the center of the book were all multi-purpose.

There's some nice selections in here.   Those of you who may have inherited some of these designs ...
what a delight.  For the rest of you, perhaps you should get those hooks ready and create future heirlooms.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hand Knit Fashions in Tweed, Vol 32

This pattern book, Volume 32, is just the 4th book that I've worked through in the Bernhard Ulmann collection, and I must say, it's quite delightful .... as well as a nice deviation from the doilies and bedspreads I've mostly been working through lately.

This book takes us back to 1957; designs have not yet taken on the mod colors of the 1960's, but are not entirely the form fittings styles of the earlier 1950's.  

Knit Pattern Books Coats Sweaters Jackets
Hand Knit Fashions in Tweed - Volume 32

Volume 32 was created as a promotion tool for Bernhard Ulmanns Tweed brand yarns, Bear Brand Tweedmoor and Fleishers Glen Tweed, as well as Bear Brand Sport Tweed and Fleishers Sport Tweed.  That goes to say, then, that all of the patterns in this book will feature these specific yarns (a quite attractive selection!). 

Windbreaker Jacket Knitting Pattern
No 668 Windbreaker Suit - The skirt, as is typical, is a straight design and quite standard fair.  But, what a splendid jacket.  

No 667 - Box Coat is made an above standard design with the fabulous collar and fold-back cuffs.  This loose fitting design is one that would be so comfortable. 
No 679 Ribbed Sheath Dress is an elegant design that became quite remarkable with the all over rib pattern stitch, then taken over the top with the contrast collar.  

No 672 - Ribbed Stole is a quite easy design that is simple rib stitch with long fringe ... a warm and elegant choice.  
No 673 - Lace Stole is also an 'extra easy' design perfect for beginners.   This pattern is offered as a free download. 

No 681 - Cable Cardigan gives bold and broad cables that definitely pop out on the tweed background.  The back is cabled as well.

No 676 Girls Clock Socks .... remember this term?  (Clock socks have a narrow pattern (not usually clocks) that runs up the leg and along the foot. Looks like clock hands when viewed from the side).  

No 674 - Two-Tone Weskit.  This fitted vest has the marvelous checked pattern stitch on the front and a striped motif (created by the tweed yarn), on the back.  This design yells 'Fun'. 

No 675 - Jiffy Knit Jacket:  How cute it this?   Chunky and Bulky and, well, cute!  And it's an easy design that beginners could tackle.
No 678 - Fringed Shortie - Another cute design with the subtle patterning of the tweed.  The fringed collar adds that bit of 'fun' as well.

No 677 - Men's Classic Socks - a marvelous tweed for the professional man.
No 666 - Sleeveless Pullover for our men features the grand argyle design on the tweed background with extra wide ribbing at the bottom.

No 669 - Jumper is a simple, attractive design perfect for everyday wear.  The tweed yarns give the design just a bit of texture.

And, that's the complete book.   The book cover being the same as the front.   I found it interesting the socks pattern did not contain a size, but I'm not a knitter, so perhaps it's a knitting skill that one just knows when to add on or subtract (?).    

My favorites here are the Ribbed Dress and the Jiffy Knit Jacket; either of these would be a welcome addition in my closet.   You; what are your favorites?  

These patterns, complete with listed material requirements, are listed in the shop should you be interested.  

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bedspread Patterns to Knit and Crochet, Book 232

Taking us all the way back to 1947, is Spool Cotton Book 232 - Bedspreads.  Other than a dab of color on the front and backcover, the pattern pictures are all lower quality black and white.   This fact (what did we expect of 1947), certainly does not, however, detract from the exquisite designs that are in this pattern leaflet.

There are 11 patterns in all; but two crocheted.  The book was obviously issued as a promotion to Clarks O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet Cotton, as that is the material called for in each of the patterns.   None of the patterns were identified by name, just by their assigned number.   (In some cases, I've identified the name).

Pattern No 6132 graces the front cover ... and appropriately so, being a splendid piece of Irish Crochet.  The designs is made of raised floral hexagon motifs that measure 12 1/2 inches each.   I've seen references that this pattern was called Marguerite in other publications.

No 6124 - This interesting medallion design has nicely supplemented detail in large and small flower fill-in motifs. 

No 6130 - Knitted Bedspread  This design is worked in attractive 2 1/2 inch strips and finished with long tufts of fringe.  

No 6131 - Crocheted Bedspread is worked in large - 8 inch - blocks with an 'almost' geometric motif.  
No 682 - Crocheted Bedspread featuring pinwheel medallions in popcorn stitch. 

No 6128 Crochet Bedspread.   This 5 inch rose motif has appeared in a number of SPC pattern books and is typical known as Rambling Rose.

No 6133 Crochet Bedspread - Worked in 10 inch panels in diamond and popcorn stitch. 

No 6123 Crochet Bedspread made up in lovely raised flower block centers surrounded with petals edged in popcorn stitch. 

No 6129 - Knitted Bedspread is an elegant design of staggered raised leaf and plain 10 inch blocks. 

No 6126 Crochet Bedspread is created in 6 1/2 inch hexagon blocks in a floral motif

No 6127 Crocheted Bedspread in 4 3/4 inch pinwheel medallions goes beyond to an almost geometric effect.

And that it ... all 11 crochet patterns.   All quite exquisite and all worthy of heirloom quality.    

The opening jacket statement : "Every woman loves the feminine touch in her home ... Why not add to your bedroom a beautiful handmade Bedspread that would express your individuality?  In this book we have designed a variety of Bedspreads ... one to suit every taste .. they are simple and decorative.  Choose the one that best serves your purpose, and you will be proud to say that you have made it yourself".  

Although these designs are 1947, no reason you can't still crochet your future heirloom. 

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Knitted Coats for Madame and her Dog

Although  not in the hundreds, I have come across a fair number of knitting or crochet patterns that are designed for mother/daughter, or father/son, or even brother/sister, but this is a first for me !

May I present two knitting designs that are woman/dog, or whatever combination in which you might like to think of it .... perhaps human/canine ?

These knitted designs came out of McCalls Needlecraft Magazine - Fall/Winter 1963.  I will say the pullovers are both great looking designs, as well as the dog coats.   I particularly like the dog coat on the right ... complete with pockets to carry those small things the 'walker' might need.    But, the set together, well, that's just 'too cute'.

I've listed these in the shop, should you be interested in creating the ladies pullovers, or dog coats.   But please, if you knit (and wear) the combos, please don't tell me !

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Womans Day Knitting Pattern Leaflet HH-46

Tucked away, in the September 1946 issue of Woman's Day Magazine  .....
September 1946 issue of Womans Day Magazine
....  is a three page spread across pages 39 - 44.   Here, the reader is shown a number of knitting patterns for the home.

Womans Day Leaflet HH-46 Magazine Pattern Offer
 Starting with three afghans ... all of relative standard fair, however, perfect knitting projects for the beginners among us. 

Mail Away Bedspread Knitting Patterns
 Standard fair ... as is the diagonal rug and the baby crib cover.   But there standard fair stops.   I've seen many knitting patterns, and as for the lap blanket and the four knitted doilies .... all quite unique design motifs.   I was thinking I'd never seen these before ... anywhere ... so I went out and did a few Google image searches and found nothing.  These two bedspreads. ... the same.  Now, the top bedspread is somewhat similar to a design called Evensong, but the same ... nope.  

Bedspread Mail Away Knitting Pattern
 And then, on the third page is this lovely knitted design ... a pinwheel bedspread.   Now, the pinwheel itself is not that unique, but this particular one, I didn't find in any search.

Typically the patterns that appeared in the magazines were sponsored by one of the advertisers and just who was alway obvious by the brand of thread or yarn called for.   In these designs, the threads are generic - no brands listed.

These patterns were the mail-away variety and not included in the magazine.  If the reader wanted them, they had to send a Self Addressed 3 cent stamped envelope and they were mailed back.   A teaser, you might say.

Should you be interested, I've listed most of these designs in my shop.

For just a little more fun, on the back page of the pattern set, was this promotion ....

How about those prices !!

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crocheted Doilies Pattern Leaflet 208

In my stack of loose pattern leaflets is American Thread Leaflet 208.

Tucked away in the back cover is the only identifier - American Thread Company - Leaflet No 208.

Now, my first thought is ... I've seen this before.   I'm sure this is already in the shop.  So, off I went to look.   But no ... not actually.  There are certainly very similar Pansy Doilies, but not this exact one.  In looking through them, American Thread had  the common theme of the marvelous three color pansy border and the eight section center, but each of the centers have a slight variation to them.

Frequently Leaflet Numbers will tie to the pattern book thee designs came out of.  Off to American Thread Book 208.
Yes, Book 208 has that lovely Pansy Doily, but, it carries a different center motif and the second leaflet doily -- Rose Irish is not in this book at all.

I spent awhile in Google Images trying to identify where this pattern originates and came to a dead in. There are many doily designs, of course, named Irish Rose, not 'Rose Irish' -- No.    It is a beauty, 12 inches in diameter, with those delicate roses all around.     As curiosity is always my cat, I'll have to continue the watch.   I've no doubt it will pop up somewhere.  

I've listed these two in the shop, should you be interested.
Pansy Doily 
Rose Irish Crocheted Doily 

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