Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wards Knit to Fit Sizing Chart

 Out this leaflet came last night from one of my 'pending' processing stacks.  And, lo-and-behold, I had this leaflet already reformatted and in a PDF file.  And, Jees, it was dated 2015.   Now, that's another classic example of how I get sidetracked.  

Back to this leaflet ....  It was issued by Montgomery Wards and is a chart to assist those wanting to increase or decrease size when knitting tops or pullovers in the 14, 16, 18, 20, 40 and 42 size range.
There are three charts covering where to measure and changes for each size, as well as instructions on how to follow the charts.

Now, I do not know how to knit, so these charts are not totally understandable to me, but I would assume they may be quite helpful to others.    If you are interested, I've listed them as a Free Download in my shop.   Just put them in your basket and go to checkout.  (It's not necessary to fill out the address info).

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Square Centerpiece Crochet Doily

Most of you will remember the 'old fashioned' TV set.  You know, that large console that was in your, or perhaps Grandmother' living room.   Or, for you younger folks, in old nostalgic movies.   Big square or oblong pieces of furniture, most frequently with legs.  

But these sets fulfilled more than just TV watching, the top surface became yet another place for the woman of the house to merchandise objects of choice.  Here one would often find picture frames, vases, pieces of art, etc.  

And, of course, the display often included the doily; a perfect showcase to whatever might gather.   Women around the world crocheted pieces to adorn their TV's.   The patterns were frequently called doilies, runners or scarves.   One company -- Needlework Services -- (Mail Order Design patterns) took it a step further and actually referred to them as TV covers.

There were a numbers of these design patterns ....

Design 7041 - in three sizes;  19, 21 and 32 inches

Design 7020 - in three sizes; 19, 21 and 32 inches

Design 7226 - in four sizes; 20, 23, 34 and 52 inches

Design 7339 - In three sizes; 22, 25 and 38 inches

There are, of course, more in the shop.

Now, the classic TV cover has become a thing of the past, but these Designs live on.   Now, the are still the staging for beloved items, only the table has changed.   We now call them Large Centerpiece Square Doilies, or, in some cases small tablecloths.  

These patterns, which I adore even thought I do not crochet, are each a small piece of our history.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Crochet Pineapple Dress; What a beauty

I found the newspaper clipping in a stack of pattern leaflets I'd purchased off of Ebay.   

It's quite an elegant design, and obviously a fair amount of work in Mercerized Crochet Cotton.  But, what a beauty!.  

I've searched Google-land and can't find anything that matches to this pattern.   The pattern is PC 1021.  Now, I've seen this prefix series many times (PC), and it's typically a designation for 1940's/1950's from Spool Cotton Company.   On many occasions, SPC allowed the National Needlecraft Bureau to market their patterns as well.   Since this is obviously a mail ordered pattern, I'd assume it would be National Needlecraft.   

Of particular fun is the caption of unknown writer -- "Isn't this a pretty dress. I'd love to have one like this.  Wished I could crochet".  

Hope you enjoy the vintage advertisement.   Thanks for dropping by. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crocheted Bottle Cap Covers

Vintage 1960's .... and creating crafts with 'upcycled' materials became all the rage.  And, the innocent bottle cap was overly plentiful, making them an excellent candidate.

The bottle craft craze certainly was not overlooked by the Crochet artist community.   And to support them, American Thread put together a number of hot plate mat covers.    I've three of them currently in the shop.

Now, if you go out in Google Images Land, you'll see a variety of other designs, but not many other patterns.  Why ... well, if you can made a crochet cover to fit the bottle cap you can arrange them in anyway that your imagination might take you.   Round, oblong, etc. etc.

Now, bottle caps are not as plentiful as they once were as many beverage makers have moved to the screw off top, but you'll still find them on many beer bottles.    Or, if you are not a beer drinker, you'll find a variety of folks out in Ebay or Etsy land, they sell them.

Now, I don't know how to Crochet, so I myself never made any of these mats, but I will confess that I used to nail them to wood forms for wall art .... still have a fish or two around.  

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mail Order Knitted Dress Pattern

As if frequently the case with the Mail Order pattern, I picked up Design 7031 to process for the shop thinking .... do I already have this pattern.   The hunt was on.  (Particularly since this is a huge pattern that takes several hours to process and I wouldn't want to spend time on it twice!).

Now the search function in my shop isn't very grand (wish Highwire fixes it someday), but diligence paid off, and there it was ... Design 501.   The same; No.  Similar; Absolutely.

Both are nice A-Line designs with comfortable fitting short sleeves and back zipper closure.  Both are knit in Fingering Yarn and Misses sized 32-34 and 36-38.

Did you readily spot the differences?  Well, the first pattern has just one raised leaf panel, and the second has two.   And, less obvious, the first and second have a slight collar variation.   And, that's it.

I come across constantly in the Mail Order patterns.  Pattern A has a slight difference to Pattern B.  I imagine this partially occurred because of the constant business requirement to have 'new' patterns in for the newspaper every week.   I'd also think, like an idea, there can be so many variations on a good design.

These are both intermediate to advanced Designs; the directions are extensive.  But, what great designs that I'd think you'd want to wear for years.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spinnerin Handknit Sweaters for Men Vol 124

This pattern book takes us back to 1954 with a variety of mens designs fashioned by Caroline Sadoux.  It is jam packed with 20 knitting patterns, which include just a touch of crochet here and there.    Typically, pattern books were published as promotion for a specific line of yarns.  This book, however, more represents the line of products sold by Spinnerin for this time period -- 1954.  

 One might say that mens knitted fashions are 'mens knitted fashions'.   But this is only partially true. The primary difference between 1950's and current mens fashions is the length; below waist versus hip length or below.  

 No 1241 - sleeveless pullover graces the cover.  Another sign of the times -- this gentleman is smoking. 

No 1244 - Another sleeveless Pullover -- being modeled by a Wally (Leave it to Beaver) look-alike. 

No 1247 -Another Vest, but this one a most distinguished design with cross-over front.  

No 12410 - Mans pullover is a classic, nicely understated detail with extra wide ribbed bands.

No 12415 - This mans' pullover is a simple design that becomes a standout with the ribbed arms and collar variation.  

No 12417 - Mans Pullover has an attractive Aztec motif stripe across the neckline and down the arms.  It's quite eye-catching.  

Now, this leaflet actually has 20 mens' knitting patterns in all, if you'd like to view them all.  Now, if you have the skills (I do not) to add length to these designs, there are some good selections for your upcoming projects.    

Now, I'll move on to the next book in my 'pending stack'. 
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stitch in Time Crochet Pattern Leaflet

Here we go .... it is Fall, 1953, and Coats and Clark's issue out (what I believe was a yearly) campaign aimed towards school girls ... The Stitch in Time Pamphlet.  I'm guessing this pamphlet may have been distributed through Home Ec classes.

This is the Stitch in Time  - Fall 1953 - Volume 24, No 1, Called The New Look in Crochet.
The patterns featured are all beginner designs with a couple personal and home accessories worked in Speed-Cro-Sheen.  The two open page pamphlet that is wrapped in promotional material.

The pattern featured here is the 'Suit Yourself Hat & Bag, which is a cute half hat and matching drawstring bag.

The receiver gets the patterns and completes an easy survey and mails back to Coats and Clark's.

Can you see yourself, as a young teen, filling out the survey, mailing it in and waiting impatiently for your pattern book to arrive?

This is the Best Friend Hat.   The Suit Yourself is a half hat, this design finishes the hat to what is being referred to as a cloth.   I've linked this pattern in the above set.

The Tweed Place Mat is an attractive beginners design with a solid contrast border that measures 12 x 18".
The book finishes off with another two basic designs - The Candlelight Placemat and Gourmet Potholders.  

The back page gives us promotional thread information for the Speed-Cro-Sheen.   It's here, I'm sure, the young girl starts thinking 'what color her hat will be?".

I've several of these 'Stitch In Time' Issues from the 1940's and the format has significantly changed.  The earlier publications were marketed as Spool Cotton Company, and these shows Spool Cotton as the Issuer with Coats & Clarks as the Copyright.   Apparently, 1953 was part of the company transition period.

Hope you enjoyed the pamphlet.
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