Sunday, March 16, 2014

Filet Crochet Apron Pattern No 9666

Some time back I purchased a big lot of loose pattern leaflets on an Ebay auction.   I remember them coming in and oohing and awwing over them as a sorted through the prize and then putting them in the drawer with all the others waiting their turn.   Well, now it the time ... I'm going to concentrate on these loose leaflets and the mail order patterns for the next month or two.  

Third down in the stack is this prize.

It is identified only as 9666 Crocheted Apron and written across the top -- This is your Free Gift.  This is a clear sign that it would have been a handout gift, which frequently happened as part of a thread promotion.  But, a quick view of the materials list turned out to be entirely generic.   (Use a No. 4 steel hook and mercerized, fast-color, string weight thread.  You will need about 580 yards of cream thread (the basic color), 100 yards of pink, 22 yards of green, 25 yards of yellow, and 23 yards of blue).   Well, that rules out the thread maker as well as the hook brand.    So, I have no current idea who presented this pattern.    I do know, based on the paper and print, that is will date to the mid/late 1940s.

It's a delightful piece, certainly not written for the beginner as it contains no charts.   It does give a decent basic description of gauge, spaces and blocks that would get one through ... and definitely feel the accomplishment when it comes time to wear.   It is a half apron, with crochet ties, bottom flower band and 4 vertical floral panels.

This pattern is available in the shop.   I have two others (as this time), should you be specifically be looking for filet crochet apron patterns, and of course a number of other crocheted apron patterns as well.  

If you know more about the No 9666 Crocheted Apron .... please do share.  

Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sears Roebuck Crochet Pattern in Hearthside Crochet Cotton

This week I'm working on a small stack of pattern leaflets while I learn a new OCR software program.    Second up in the stack was a crochet pattern for a lacy tablecloth.   The real surprise here, for me, was the name on the pattern - SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO.   

Of the several thousand patterns that I've handled, this is the first time that I've seen one issued with the Sears name.    I did a quick Google on the materials - Hearthside Crochet Cotton - and learned what I should have suspected; it was a brand marketed under the Sears, Roebuck name.  

Out of curiosity I did a variety of other Google searches looking for Sears, Roebuck knit or crochet patterns.   And, other than a couple references to sold books from Ebay, I found almost nothing.      

Now, I have a couple hundred loose pattern leaflets stacked up waiting to be worked on.   Perhaps I will find more.   If I do, I'll be sure to come back here and add a note, thus changing the pattern designation for a one-hit wonder, to a growing collection !  

Do you have, or know of these patterns?      Thanks for dropping by.  


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vintage Crochet Flower Hair Accessories

I was just entering a new pattern into the shop for a set of hair accessories and found myself wondering if I didn't already have these.    Now, these hair accessories are not necessarily big sellers, but shouldn't a design that goes all the way back to the 1940s (and possibly earlier) deserve representation?   Well, of course --- I think so anyway.      
Here's the pattern I'm talking about.   It's 1946 from Anne Cabots Mail Order Album.   I love the loose sketch detail, accompanied by the photography.   I nice combination of four different flowers and two leaves, that could be mixed and matched in any number of ways.

And here's another marvelous set - this one issued as a 1943 Lily Mills Leaflet 112-b.  Not all of the options here are flowers, but all are quite delightful.

This set, a bit later 1940s, is from Coats and Clarks.   It's a nice flower with variation to be used in different ways.
This flower is quite Chrysanthemum like, although the pattern designer strictly referred to it as a pompom.  This same design was illustrated as a neckband or choker, with the flower slightly off center. 

These patterns were specifically issued as hair accessories.  But, one must remember that a flower is a flower is a ..... well, you get the idea.   

The 1960s were well represented with flowers ... those put on a wire stalk and added to vases -- such as this Mail Order Design 524.  These flowers would make marvelous accessories.  

So, back to where I started, yes, I did have several patterns for flower hair accessories.  Don't forget that these are also great for chokers, wrist bands, shoes, label pins, over the top belts, etc. etc. etc.   I have well over 150 vintage books and magazines waiting to be processed, as well as over 500 mail order design patterns, so I have no doubt that more flowers will be appearing soon.

Okay, now I'll go back to my regularly scheduled work!.    Thanks for dropping by, 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lily Mills Design Book 76 - Doilies

It seems, of late, I've not been to great at blogging.  I'd recently said I was going start talking a bit more about individual patterns, or perhaps pattern categories and not detail so many of the pattern books themselves.   AND, that did hold for a few minutes, and then a processed another book for the shop that just needed to be shared.    Here is it ....

Daisy Ring Linen Doily, with crocheted wheel edgings and individual flower insertions in pastels 
graces the front cover.   

The pattern booklet itself, is just 15 pages.   It was obviously issued to promote their Mercerized Crochet Cottons, and Lily Mercrochet, which all the patterns call for.    Although the title indicated Doilies, there are a couple place mats in here, as well as a couple squares that could nicely be made in multiple to form larger cloths.

Ruffled Hairpin Lace Centerpiece -  A delightful combination of circles within circles, all worked 
with a hairpin staple and crochet hook.  The green and white combination just yells Spring. 

Rose Ruffled Centerpiece - This is a most delicate rose doily with a unique interpretation 
of a ruffled edge. 

Square Filet - Four floral diamonds form a larger diamond that is surrounded with plenty lace - 17 inches
Bell Lily - A swirl of bell lilies that's not quite square and not quite round. - 17 inches
Medallion Doily - A charming 15 inch square doily with small flower squares.
Empire Doily No 7 - A bit like a wheel with spoke edges - 14-1/2 inches
Place Mat No 8 - A small diamond motif Place Mat, some with small flowers measuring in at 12 x 18 inches.   This pattern is available as a free download. 

The Square Filet and Medallion Doily, although a bit on the large side, have potential to become cloths and runners if created in multiples and joined. 

Moderne & Eucalyptus Placemats are embroidery (counted sts) on a crochet base. 

Cluny Doily, presumably for an area in Eastern France with a famous Abbey.  It is indeed a lace delight.

And that's it; just 11 patterns in all, but a good assortment of several disciplines .. standard crochet, hairpin lace, filet crochet, as well as some count sts embroidery.  Something for everyone, you might say.   The book carries no dating, however, based on some other Lily Books in this number series, I would place as 1956. 

I'd say that the Daisy Ring is my personal favorite.   Although I can't see using these a luncheon sets, I could employ the edging and these little flowers in so many different ways.  

Well, hope you enjoyed yet another book review.   Thanks for dropping by, 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Laura Wheeler Designs The Old Fashioned Girl

To accompany the mail order knit and crochet patterns that I collect, the accompanying mail order catalogs have become a must-have item.   I watch for these catalogs online, and combine them in at a reasonable pace.  

Recently I added another Laura Wheeler Designs catalog to my collection.   I saw it on Ebay  listed as Rare with a But It Now price of $49.99, or best offer.   Now, I haven't seen this particular cover before, but Rare, ... doubtful.  So, after a couple exchanges over the next two weeks, we settled on $8.25.  Fair enough.   

As with this one, these catalogs are seldom dated; you have to employ some sleuth work using patterns in my collection, and of course, Google News (a real gold mine).  The majority of patterns in this book are 1947, 1948 and a couple 1949, so, I'd place these catalog at 1949.   

Now, these catalogs represent the more popular mail order patterns of the specific time.   So, what was the standout designs of 1949 in the Needle Craft market?   Hands down ... it would have to be the Old Fashioned.  
 Design 646- Here he is in a chair set, facing right.

Design 785 has her facing left, and 927 has her doubled and exchanging floral bouquets.

Here we have Designs 505 and 887 which gives us The Old Fashioned Girl in a combination of crochet and embroidery. 

Yes indeed, she was quite a popular girl, and from other patterns in my collection, she appears to have remained popular into the early 1960s.   Perhaps her popularity started waning with the decrease in usage of chair sets?   I don't know. 

There are, of course, many other pattern designs in the catalog.   It's heavy on the crochet and embroidery, with knitting being relegated to just a couple clothing selections.   Regardless, I'm happy to have it added to my collection.    

Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Stoles and Cover-ups to Knit and Crochet

Let's go back to 1952.  The war is over, Harry S Truman is president, Winter Olympics were held in Oslo, the Honeymooners debut on TV and the average cost of a new car was $1700.    And while on this was going on, ladies (and some gents) continued with their knitting needles to create marvelous items for themselves.   To keep those needles clicking, and yarn sales in action, Bernhard Ullman continues to publish several pattern books.  One of which is New Stoles and Cover-ups -- To Knit and Crochet.   It's volume 27, and sold for 20 cents (the same as a tank of gas).

No 650 - Crocheted Stole is attractively stitched in two complimentary colors.

No 649 - Knitted Stole (on left) in thick and thin yarn
No 646 - Hairpin Lace Stole (on right) is made in strips on a 3 inch loom and highlighted with metallic thread.

No 655 Knitted Shrug (middle top) with three quarter sleeves and ribbed banding.
No 647 - Old Fashioned Feather Fan Pattern Stitch with long fringed ends.
No 652 - Triangle Shawl knit in jumbo yarns.

No 653 - Ribbed Stole dotted with Pearls measures 20 x 68 inches.
No 648 - Quick Knit Stole in Jumbo Yarn or Knitting Worsted

No 651 - Evening Camisole and Cover-up (center top); perfect evening attire. 
No 645 - Crazy Daisy Stole is crocheted with 365 crazy daisies. 
No 644 - Crocheted Triangle Stole with randomly placed sequins

No 654 - Angora Cape Stole - wraps you like luxury itself.

And that's it.  Twelve patterns in all; 8 knitted and 4 crochet.  Stoles and Cover-ups were coveted accessories in this time period, and Bernhard did a very job indeed.   

These patterns are listed in my shop individually, should you be interested.   Either way, I hope that you enjoyed the photo journal of this vintage pattern book. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bucilla Hand Crocheted Bedspreads, Book 136

This is a short and sweet little pattern book - Book 136, Old Favorites, Bucilla Hand Crocheted Bedspreads.    The pattern book was issued in 1940 by Bernhard Ullman.   By short I mean the book contains just 6 patterns.   But, it must be said that all 6 are quite interesting, perhaps even dazzling for a crocheted bedspread.
No 553 - Water Lily Bedspread made of 13 1/2 inch hexagon motifs that have a central water lily; surrounded by rows of tall popcorns and finished with extra long fringe.

No 554 - Pastel Bedspread has blocks measuring 6 inches between points with lovely pastel shades in the center).  The pointed ends are finished in long fringe.

No 552 - Popcorn Square is made up from 14 1/2 inch blocks to size of your choice.  When joined, the square form an 8 point star motif.

No 550 Diamond Popcorn Bedspread features 9 1/4 inch hexagon blocks with a strong diamond flair in popcorn stitches.

No 414 Swedish Popcorn  - The individual block motifs form an attractive Swedish flower design when joined.

And, that all 5 of the designs.   The design motif here is quite clear, with all but the Pastel Bedspread being worked in popcorn stitch.  I'd think that two of these spreads, the Pastel Bedspread and the Swedish Popcorn might be equally wonderful as an afghan.  

I've listed these patterns individually in my shop (links below the picture) should you be interested in stitching one for yourself.   Either way, hope you enjoyed the photo journal, and thanks for dropping by.