Thursday, September 11, 2014

Knit Crochet Patterns for Your Baby

The year was 1949, Harry Truman was president, cable television debuted, Milton Berle hosted the first telethon for cancer research, a postage stamp was 3 cents and needlework arts continued to be immensely popular.

In promotion for their line of Dawn Baby Yarns (Baby Yarn, Infants Wool, Pompadour, Medium Weight Pompadour, Anti Shrink, Paradise and Zephyr), American Thread issued their Star Book No 67 - For Your Baby.

The book contains 14 patterns;  7 Knit and 8 crochet.  The pattern designs covers babies between 6 months and Size 3.
No 6701 - Crocheted Baby Jacket, Bonnet and Booties is worked in a delicate shell stitch with solid yoke and contrast stripes.   It is sized for baby 6 months to 1 year.

No 6702 Childs Nylon Cardigan:  This charming sweater is an easy knit and designed
 for little girls at size 2

No 6703 Nylon Knitted Soakers :  An easy diaper cover for your baby.   The pattern is 
offered as a free download in the shop. 

No 6704 Nylon Play Pants are knitted with suspenders affixed with buttons.
The short pants are Size 1.  

No 6705 Rayon Baby Set is crocheted in star stitch.   Perfect for a boy, without lacy frills,
but made interesting with side button appeal. 

No 6706 Rabbit Crocheted in Angora Wool.  This pattern is available as a
Free Download in the shop.

6707, 08, 09 - Crocheted Baby Bibs in three different styles.   A design here to suit every baby.

No 6710 Knitted Set for Baby sized 1.  These booties are more like socks; I'd
suggest making several pairs.

No 6711 Knitted Sweater and Cap will give baby that stand-out look in this knitted set.
It is sized for baby at six to twelve months.

Crocheted Dress No 6712 is sized for little girls 2 and 3.  She'll love the little Peter Pan collar and buttons, and everyone will love the way she looks.

No 6713 Childs Ducky Sweater is size two.  After knitting the sweater, the ducky motif
is cross stitch embroidery.

No 6714 Crocheted Baby Set has the lacy detail for a Girls Set.  Included is a
jacket, bonnet and booties; all size 1.

The back cover is the same as the front cover.   Although the pictures are not of great quality, all of the patterns are quite delightful.  If you are wanting to make something special for baby and you can't find something in these vintage designs .... well, what can I say !

I've listed the patterns in the shop, should you be interested.    There are, of course, many other knit and crochet baby and toddler designs as well ... should you want to browse through the categories.  

Thanks for dropping by to read my book report. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cotton Accessories, Knit and Crochet Pattern Book 180

The next book up in my stack was an oldie (but goodie, of course), from the Spool Cotton Company.  Named Cotton Accessories for Town and Country, Book No 180.  The pattern book, dated 1942, was issued to promote their (then) line of J&P Coats Cotton Lines - Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Bedspread Cotton and Knit-Cro-Sheen.   The patterns are geared towards the adult female and even include a pair of crochet shoes.

If you are interested in seeing the contents, well .... grab some tea or coffee, get comfortable and .... let's go.

Spool Cotton Pattern Book 180, Accessories for Town and Country
Gracing the front cover, 

The second page is a cute promotion for the patterns that follow. 

Yoke and Frill Crochet Detachable Collar Patterns
Here are the first two of three collars featured in this book. 
The Frilled Yoke, a squared design with small frill at the neck and border.  
The Scalloped Yoke has soft and pretty scallops forming rows and a small notched collar. 
Vintage Crochet Vest is checked with v-neck and button closure
This Checked Vest is quite an attractive piece.  Crocheted in three shades; checked on the front and solid on the back.  It is sized for misses 14, 16 and 18. 
Vintage Stripe Pullover Sweater and Easy Vest Knitting Pattern
The Striped Shirt and Cap is a three color affair in as bright or demure colors as you might wish.  The pattern includes the stocking cap. 
The Sleeveless Pullover is knit, with some crochet detail.  It's a quite easy pattern in garter stitch that a beginner could easily tackle.  

Three Crochet Hat Patterns, Vintage 1940s styled Turbans
Three hat designs -- all very easy. 
Pattern 2607, Striped Turban (top left), is a wrap & go design in three colors.
Pattern 2608, Square Mesh (top right) is a crocheted band folded into the attractive shape.
Pattern 2620, Mesh Turban, is crocheted in a triangle pattern stitch and tied into a bow.   This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

Crochet lapel collar, hat and handbag pattern
Hat and Handbag Pattern No 2594 are easy designs with plenty of ribbon adornment.  They are worked in an attractive star stitch.
The standout (bottom) is a set of Collar Lapels No 2589 that have velvet ribbon laced along the edges.   This pattern is also offered as a Free Download in the shop.

This Classic Blouse, No 1266, has a delicate lace stripe pattern stitch with fitted short sleeves and a notch collar.  A perfect dressy compliment to many an outfit.

Brimmed Hat No 2623 (top) has a jaunty brim and fun over-sized tassel.
The Lingerie Calot No 2621 is a simple, yet elegant affair with eyelet flower and grosgrain ribbon bow. 

They are calling these cute wedgies Play Shoes No 214.  Sized small, medium and large and worked in heavy rug yarn.

I always enjoy going through these old pattern books.   This book has plenty of accessory designs that can be as useful to your wardrobe as they were in 1942.     I particularly like the Striped Pullover and Cap.   You?  What is your favorite?  

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Hand Crochet Decorations, Bernard Ulmann Vol 119

I've just finished working may way through Volume 119, Bernhard & Ulmann Volume 119.   This is a crochet pattern book, which they named Hand Crochet Decorations and dates all the way back to 1937.   The book itself is 37 pages, but represents just 6 patterns.   It starts with the six bedspread designs, and then, in the second half of the pattern book, you are given matching accessories for three of the bedspread patterns --- pillows, scarfs, chair sets, etc.  

These are beautiful designs, which, in my opinion, would be as beautiful in todays' home as they were some 77 years ago.  

Fruit Banquet Tablecloth Pattern No 4195
Gracing the front cover is the elegant Fruit Banquet Tablecloth (No 4195).  Worked primarily in Filet Crochet, the ensemble includes the tablecloth in 4 different sizes, as well as the scarf, pillow and chair set.

Vintage Cluny Motif Filet Crochet Bedspread Pattern
The Cluny Filet Bedspread (No 4194)  is the only pattern that is not an ensemble; just the bedspread.  Worked in Filet Crochet, it is quite a grand design of alternating flower blocks.

Crocheted Popcorn Octagon Bedspread Pattern
This stunning spread is called the Octagon Popcorn No 4192.   The blocks are 7-1/4 each and, as you might have guessed, are octagon shaped and feature the popcorn stitch. 

Another ensemble pattern, The Medici Star No 4191 includes the spread, scarf, pillow and chair set.

Filet Crochet Cluny Wheel Bedspread Pattern
The ClunyWheel No 4193 ensemble is worked in a combination of regular and filet crochet rows.   The set includes the bedspread, scarf and chair set.

One more design, the Clover Leaf No 4196 Luncheon Set, is a combination of regular and filet crochet.   The set, which includes placemats and a centerpiece runner, have a filet center and a delicate border of clover leaf.
Vintage Lux Detergent Advertisement
And, the back cover is a Lux Detergent advertisement .... perfect for washing your crocheted beauties.

And that is the entire book ... 6 patterns by title and number, but so much more. Wouldn't you agree that these patterns are a fiber art fantasy?    I've listed the patterns in my shop, just follow the links below the pictures, should you be interested.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crocheted Rug Patterns, Star Book 106

The year was 1950 when American Thread issued their pattern book - Crocheted Rugs.   The book, 32 pages in all, is half and half color to black and white in a glossy format.  The book is issued in promotion to the Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug yarn, which is called for in each of the patterns.    There are 14 patterns and I'd rate them all as easy.  All are crocheted, a couple are woven or have added embroidery.

Vintage Striped Woven Crochet Rug Pattern
Gracing the cover is Home Sweet Home, with a base of crochet and strands of black and white woven through.   Finished, it will measure 19 x 30 (without the fringe).

Crocheted Area Rug in Heavy Rug Yarn
Dot Dot Dash, worked in white and green on a black base is an easy design to put together, and would prove a complimentary factor to almost any decor.  Make in a large (23 x 48") or smaller rug.

Vintage Crocheted Rug Pattern
The Young Modern Rug, also worked in three colors, will measure 24 x 40 inches.   This will be an easy design to increase or decrease size, should you desire.

Crocheted Block Motif Rug Pattern named Biarritz
This pretty two tone rug is named Biarritz (for the city in France?).   It's a nice block motif with the center of each block embroidered in cross stitch.

Crocheted Vintage Granny Rug Pattern
I'm not sure what the old Granny looked like, but this "New Granny" is quite appealing worked in four colors of 6 x 6 inch blocks to make a finished rug of 24 x 36 inches.

Colorful Woven Rug on Crochet Base is Vintage 1950
The Provincial Rug is another woven design.  Crochet the base and weave through colorful strands of heavy rug yarn to achieve pleasing effect.    I've added this pattern to the shop as a Free Download.

This rug design is perfect for the childs room; be that on the floor or even the wall (without the fringe).   Happy the Clown is crocheted and the clown embroidered in cross stitch.

The Country Home design is a hexagon crocheted in six different shades and finished with long fringe all the way around.   It measures 25 1/2 inches in diameter.

With a Southwestern American Indian motif in 3 colors, the Cliff Dweller area rug can be worked in two sizes - 26 x 50 or 16 x 26 inches.

The Regimental Stripes rug is crocheted in 5 colors of heavy rug yarn, making it a bright and welcome addition to almost any room.  The rug is 24 x 40 inches.

Funny that American Thread named this Oval area rug Round and Round !   It is worked in four colors, employing three different pattern stitch and, of course, the loop stitch.  The rug will measure 25 x 37 inches.

7 skeins each of black and white Heavy Rug Yarn, and a few hours of time, and you will have the Day and Night rug to place ... well, anywhere you like.   The rug will measure 24 x 40 inches.   This pattern is offered as a Free Download in the shop.

This sweet rug design will be a color spot wherever it resides.  Pinwheel is an easy design that measures 24 inches.

The Contemporary is made of 15 blocks, each featuring one of two sizes of block cubes worked in loop stitch.   I has a quite nice dimensional effect.  The directions calls for one color,  but I think two to three colors would be equally as interesting.

And, that's it .. that back cover is the same as the front.   All in all, there are attractive selections here, and just as American Threads' goal would have been ... something for everyone.   I'd think that still holds true.

These patterns are listed in my shop.   There are also a fair number of other crocheted rug patterns if you'd like to see more.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Variations of the Rose Crochet Doily

As I have been mentioning, I have found very few instances where one of the mail order patterns (Alice Brooks or Laura Wheeler) are actual duplicates of each other.   So, not exactly the same, but closely related to each other; variations you might say.

Today I came across an example of a lovely Rose Design.

Mail Order Design 7327, Crocheted Rose Pattern
Alice Brooks 7327 -  Raised rose motif in an eight point star with diamond motifs between the points.   Made at 13 or 22 inches.

Laura Wheeler 603 Rose Star Crochet Doily Pattern
Laura Wheeler 603 - Raised rose motif in a 6 point star with wheel center, and shell scallops.  Make at 11 13, 18 or 21 inches.

Laura Wheeler 507, Oval Rose Runner Doily Pattern
Laura Wheeler 507 - Raised Rose in Pineapple Motif with scalloped edges.  Crochet this runner at 12 x 26, or 15 x 32 inches.

The commonality, of course, is the rose.  Exact same rose, with the petal and leaves, in all three patterns with the variations being the number of star points, or scallops, or round versus oval.   Although I have a lot of these Design patterns, there are hundreds more out there (waiting for me to find), and I have no doubt this exact rose will show up again, and again .... and perhaps, even again.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Long Plus Size Crocheted Vest Pattern

Here's another example where the mail order pattern appears the same, but ends up 'not quite'.

I saw a post this morning over at Crochet Talk that prompted a look through my ladies crocheted vest patterns.   I was scrolling, when that 'wait a minute' thought occurred .... are these two Mail Order Designs the same, just under different numbers?    A second look as immediately called for.   ( Apparently, I am easily sidetracked and this is an excellent example of why I get so little accomplished in a day).

Plus Size Vest Crochet Pattern Alice Brooks 7403
Let's see, Alice Brooks 7403, gives us a womans vest, generously sized for busts 38 to 48, worked in V-stitch, with big patch pockets in the front, slightly extended shoulders, below hip length and edging.

Crochet Pattern Extra Large Vest Pattern
Whereas, Alice Brooks 7569, also sized 38 to 48, with extended shoulders,  front patch pockets, edging and below hip length.  But, it's worked in shell stitch and open stitch.

I knew there was something else here different as well, but had to look a couple times to catch it.   It's the edging of course.   The edging on Design 7569 is scalloped (as all shell stitched garments should be), and is included at the bottom hem area.

As I go through more and more of these Design patterns, I'm frequently finding close similarities; just more frequently between the two major brands of Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks - versus within the same brand.

Okay, that's it, back to work now.  Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Star Popcorn Crochet Bedspread Pattern

I'm spending another couple days working on the stack of individual pattern leaflets   The majority of the leaflets match up to pattern already listed in a book, so I double check them to make sure I don't already have them listed.  

Last night I was working on this 1938 leaflet from The Spool Cotton Company.

Crocheted Star Bedspread Pattern is Vintage 1930's
The design is a Popcorn Star Bedspread, vintage 1938 from The Spool Cotton Company.   Usually leaflets have an assigned leaflet number.  This one does not.  I was sure, however, that I already had the design.  So, I went on the hunt through the shop.    I thought I'd found the match .....  

Vintage Star Bedspread Pattern in Popcorn Motif
But, on closer look ... it's quite similar, but not the same.   This one is from Lily Mills, early 1940's, a Crocheted Swedish Spread ... but also stars in popcorn stitch.

So, I proceeded and entered the leaflet in the shop.   If I had to pick one over the other, I'd think that I'd go for the Lily Mills .... but that just might be the fringe calling me.   If you want to browse other crochet bedspreads, I've quite a few in the shop.