Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simplicity 9848 9853 Same Princess Seam Dress Jacket Pattern with Different Numbers

Remember when some patterns were available in half sizes?    Just when did they stop doing that, anyway?   My guess is in the 80's with the advent of multiple size patterns, however, I don't know that for a fact.  

Periodically I'll come across one of these situations.   Typically it's the same pattern with one number assigned for regular (or whole) sizes and a different number assigned for half sizes.  Here's the latest example ....

Whether in half, or whole sizes, this is a nice princess seamed, v-neck dress with great slimming qualities.   It has an above hip jacket with raglan sleeves and a notched collar.   Perfect business casual attire !   

Unless one was back in 1980 and happened to catch that there were two different numbers assigned to this design, I have no idea how anyone would ever know.  

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