Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Front Wrap Skirt Sewing Pattern

Front Wrap Skirts come in a variety of styles.  Some tie and some button.   Some wrap on the right, and some on the left.   Some are real basis and some get the fancy going on with pleats, gathers, maybe in a flounce here and there.    Let me know show you a few of the favorites I have hanging around my shop at the moment.
This is a WOW Skirt.  There's the maxi length that's perfectly suitable for evening wear with variations the include front pleats and back gathers.   It's a right wrap.

This has that teen girl look to it with the eyelet lace or piping around the entire edge.   It is jumps out and reminds you of the 70s, you are right on track ... 1971.    It's a left wrap. 

This wrap skirt gives options of a flat or pleated front.   Make it mini or more.   It's a left wrap and it's easy ... being in the 1 Hour Series.

This lovely below knee wrap skirt is left buttoned with an asymmetrical option. 

And this one is a wrap skirt by title only.   It's official name is 'Wrap Skirt', and although it has wonderful asymmetrical front pleats, it has a back zipper.   No Wrap Here !

These are (currently) available in my shop; just click the link over each picture.     There are, of course, a good number more Wrap Skirt available, if you'd like to continue browsing. 

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