Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simplicity 4926 - Little Fish Costume Pattern

If you are searching for Simplicity 4926 and followed a link to here, let me start by apologizing.   I, unfortunately, do not have this pattern in my inventory.   

I was just looking through my Google analytics and realized that this particular  item is in the top 5 viewed patterns in my shop.   And, as I said above, it unfortunately isn't even there.    (Artfire maintain links to history).  And, this pattern does not seem restricted to Halloween.   I receive at least a message a month from someone who found my link and, even though it says 'Sold Out' are just hoping that is not true.    It seems that Fish are a very common theme in childern school plays, and thus, the year round demand.  

One woman told me that she even sent a message to Simplicity asking them if they would republish this pattern.   After some time, she received a response back that it was not popular enough for them to do so.   Pardon me !

Perhaps I should also send them a message letting them know that elementary school moms (and dads too), and production teachers, etc. etc. etc. need them to put out this pattern that might just be the right touch of self-esteem to turn that young performing fish into a great talent in our future.  

Perhaps, we should group together and start a campaign.

If you are desperate for a fish, I did happen across a Fish Hat Tutorial Pattern over at Lilybug Designs.   It's not the whole costume, but it is quite cute and just might appease your little fish. 

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  1. I love how the arms are fins!

    I made a shark-hat costume when my kids were little. It looked like their face was in the shark's mouth, with the dorsal fin sticking up and the tail going down their back.

    Loved that hat! Borrowed it and wore it every chance I had. ;-)

  2. There are many that love this pattern. It has remained the weekly #1 viewed item in my shop for almost 2 years. I know that someday I'll come across it again and then the real dilemma ... to see it or frame it !