Saturday, September 24, 2011

Point Taken, Fiber Art Practice

I started this practice piece by cutting a 9 inch square of the plaid.   (Interesting how it is difficult to get plaid to focus).   I have a big three drawer container with fabrics and the plaid jumped out at me.  I was thinking about different ways to minimize it and that became the point of the practice. I  selected the purple and peach to accompany it, as colors in the same spectrum.    I cut the peach into a partial heart shaped, and that's where the practice started getting out of hand.  

I couldn't stop myself from forming the purple into disjointed errors.   I did try; just not hard enough.   The though of minimizing the plaid evaporated and I was into design planning .... without a decent plan.  

Next came some paint, some threads, the alphabet stamp set, a bit of colored pencil (that just faded away) and, after about an hours worth of time .....

Too busy .... too pointless and it is already in the round receptacle.  Tomorrow I'll set aside an hour or two to play some more ....   I'm thinking circles would be a much better platform. 

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