Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Sewing, Sept 1982 Mail Order Patterns

It was September, 1982, and The Workbasket call their monthly advertising page  - Creative Sewing.

Workbasket 9214 -  A Sleeveless Jacket (vest of sorts), short or long cuffed sleeve shirt with notched collar, as A-line skirt and a pair of culottes.   A clean, crisp set of coordinates.

Workbasket 9071 - Here's a casual dress, long sleeves with bodice gathered at neckband.   It has a side buttoned front closure.  Wear it belted as shown, or loose.

Workbasket 4509 - If it weren't for the neckline slit, this would be a rather puritan looking dress.  It leaves me ... well, without words.

Workbasket 7216 - Here's a crochet pattern for a combination ripple, granny square afghan.    Note the description here for extra fun.    Directions included ... well yes, that would be why the readers would send in their $2.00, plus $0.50 shipping.

Workbasket 7559 - Here's the monthly sewing craft project - Mr. Frog (as I like to call him).   He was apparently popular, as he was reintroduced in the October, 1985 issue, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him show again as I continue to go through these books.

I'm not much on the dresses here, the early 80s were obviously not my style sense.   For fun, I'll have to pull out the photo album and see just what I was wearing.  I do think the crochet pattern is quite splendid and, how could one not love Mr. Frog.     And you, what do you think of the dresses?

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