Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jocko Sock Monkey Pattern, McCalls 1443

This is Jocko, Kitty and Baby.   They are adorable sock animal patterns going way back.   This vintage advertisement from the 1943 issue of McCalls Needlework.  

Although the magazine was McCalls, I wasn't sure if it was a McCalls or a mail order pattern.   These magazines typically carry both.   A google search brought all kinds of fun information about Jocko Sock Monkeys, but, I had to go to Vintage Patterns Wikia to find the actual pattern.

Yep, it's a McCall pattern, dated 1948.   (Interesting that the bunny did not make their 1949 advertisement).  The pattern set apparently contains tissue pieces, along with transfers for the faces.  

I knew, at first sight, this was moving to my 'search for', 'must have' pattern list.   I've already set up my Advance Google Alert and I'm keeping my fingers crossed !

If you have this pattern, I'm begging you to share.   I promise to give it back !

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