Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pointed Collars, Vintage Mail Order Patterns

It's been awhile since I've worked through an old 'The Workbasket' issue.  This time, I picked up the September, 1953 issue.   This particular year/month, they were a bit skimpy on the pattern offerings - just one page with three choices.  

Wardrobe Winners 

The three dress choices, appropriately so for 1953, are of the shirtwaist style.   The one commonality, beyond dresses, is the pointed collar.  All three of these pattern choices feature a pointed collar.   So, I'd think it is a fairly safe assumption that was a hot detail for that fall season.

Workbasket 4519 - Misses shirtwaist, which they are calling a 'step-in'.    This was also marketed under Anne Adams 4519 and R4519, with suppliers referenced over at Wikia Vintage Patterns.

Workbasket 4605 - Girls dress with a pointed collar they are calling a 'wing'.   I love the contrast shaped pockets, neck tie and sleeve bands.

Workbasket 4557 - This dress has a faux wrap look in the front, made even more interesting with the paneled skirt.

Yes, they are calling each of these collars something different - Crisp and wing, but still .... it's right in fashion mode ... a pointed collar.

Hope you enjoyed the old pattern advertisement.    Thanks for stopping by,

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