Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Childrens Rabbit, Panda, Mouse Costume Pattern

I know that young kids no longer (or so it seems) want to be characters such as it was back in the 1940's and 1950's.   Many girls, of course, still hang on to the princess and fairy, but more and more so, particularly with the young boys, it's the movie cartoon characters.  

Back in 1949, McCall issued childrens costume pattern 1485, giving the kids a choice of a mouse, a panda or a rabbit.  
Apparently, the pattern was quite popular as it was re-released several times, updated from the McCall name to the more current McCall's name.   The pattern is kids sized 4 - 12 and each have a front zipper closure for easy in and out.    I'm particularly fond of the rabbit ears.    If they are anywhere to scale with the picture, they'd have to be like 15 inches high, don't you think?   Oh, and the pompom tail.  

Two things - 1) I wouldn't mind making the rabbit costume for myself ( McCall's - please re-release in an Adult Large) and 2) how I'd love to see these parade to my front door on Halloween !

I don't have this pattern in my shop, however, appears to be several vendors over at Vintage Patterns Wikia that do.    I came across this advertisement in a 1949 issue of McCalls Needlecraft, and wanted to share.

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