Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweaters and Accessories for Your Knitting Pleasure

A couple days back I picked up Coats and Clarks Book 140 to start processing for my shop and thought it might be another great candidate to highlight here in the blog.  This great little book.   Now, every Coats & Clarks book I've  gone through has been a nice combination of knitting and crochet; always a bit heavier on the crochet.   This book breaks that entire mold.   This book is knitting patterns.  100% knitting patterns.

So, for all of you knitting fans, Coats and Clarks Book 140 !

The front cover, as usual, highlights patterns within the book.  
B351 - (On Left) Cable Shrug - A delightful  Knitted Cable Shrug sewn to form a smart looking Bolero.  
B352 (On Right) Quickie Stole is worked on big big knitting needles in an easy stitch.  This pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop.

B350 - Simple Shrug is knitted and sized to fit women between sizes 10 and 18 -- it is one size and super simple.  This is shown above in color; the center piece in blue.  

B353 Hug Me Tight  Knitted Shrug - Just right to slip over your shoulders to ward off drafts.

B354 Knitted Cowl Collar & Beret.  A collar that can be worn in several different ways to add a custom look and a jaunty beret to perk up your spirits.

B355 Cossack Cap Knitting Pattern with or without the giant Ponpom.

B356 Stretch bed socks are soft and cozy for all women sizes.  They have just a bit of elastic at the ankles to keep them warmly in place all night long.

B357 Casual Cable Overblouse is knitted to wear over a a turtleneck, or all by itself as a sleeveless top.  It is sized small, medium and large.

B358 Quick-Knit Twisted Cable Cardigan

B359 Knitted Beret with just the perfect amount of slump - will fit girls and misses.

B361 Honeycomb Border Jacket is knitted with the ever attractive border from and bottom.

B362 Mens Knitted Cable V-Neck Pullover - a classic selection.

B363 PomPon Pillow & Petal Pillow are two knitted accessories to adorn our couches, or wherever we might like to toss them.

B365 Pompon Topper & B366 Flower Topper - classic vintage coverups for our tissue!

B367 2 Needle Split Cable Mittens are just waiting for winter

B368 Smocked Border Hood and Mittens - Knitted and designed to fit child sizes (approx. 8 - 12) and womans size.    (A decade earlier and this cool hat would have been called a Helmet).

B369 Crazy Stole is knitted with a great pattern stitch that makes the most of 2 complimentary colors and finished with an extra long fringe.

And the back cover reviews a couple of the patterns -- this time in color.

Now, I'd think that there is something here for everyone.   For the most part, even the styles are still relatively applicable.    I particularly like the shrugs and the cowl collar.   If only I could knit.  I've listed a fair number of these individually in my shop, links under the pictures, should you be interested.

Hope you enjoyed the book review.   Thanks for dropping by. 


Soaker Knitting Pattern

I'll just admit it; I wore disposable diapers on my son and never put any thought at all into Soakers until I came across this pattern.   I do remember those rubbery plastic diaper covers meant to keep the moisture in; my sister used them on her kids in the late 60's with (of course) cloth diapers.   I was curious about the Soakers and did a couple Google searches and learned a variety of Soaker Trivia - my favorite being at Karens Cloth Diapering Site.  Karens site made me realize there are still a large number of Moms who choose cloth diapers, and some of those just might be of the knitting variety that might enjoy (another) vintage Soaker Pattern.  

This public domain pattern (with a lousy picture ... but what do we expect for 1964) from The Workbasket.

Knit Soaker Diaper Cover Pattern -
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Knitted Geometric Afghan Pattern, 1930s Style

Let's go back.   All the way to 1939.  On December 16th, Alice Brooks copyrighted her knitted design, which she titled 'Afghan the Pride of Beginners - No 6542'.   (It's interesting that the copyright on this was directly under Alice Brooks, and not the Household Arts).
And then, around December 30th, 1939, they took the pattern to the mail order public.

I particularly enjoyed the mail order instructions.   'Send 10 cents, carefully wrapped' and the 'five or six days before before you wish to begin work'.   Apparently, the turn around time back in 1939 was really quick!  

The pattern itself is for this square block.

And then, instructions are given on how to take this block, in different color combinations to create 4 different variations of a geometric afghan, measuring 45 x 65 inches.   AND, as a bonus, although not mentioned anywhere but at the end of the pattern, a 20 x 20 inch pillow.   (Well, it is shown in the picture).

Each style has color and knitting specifications, along with a layout diagrams.

First Style Afghan 

Second Style Afghan 

Third Style Afghan 

Fourth Style Afghan

And, to top off how great a pattern this is .... It's easy .... A simple block afghan, that when you factor in the color variations, make the potential almost limitless.    Thank you Alice Brooks !

My copy of the original pattern is in rather fragile condition.  So, I scanned it to a word documents, reformatted it and put it all back together, word for word like the original in bright crisp PDF copy.   I've listed it in my shop, Alice Brooks 6542, should you be interested.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Socks Mittens Accessories to Knit & Crochet

Officially, it is Coats and Clark Book 192 - entitled Socks Mittens and Accessories.    And, just as you might expect, the patterns are exactly that !   There are alot of patterns here, so grab a cup or glass of whatever it is you like to drink and enjoy the photo review of this delightful book.

 The front cover gives us a preview in color.   

B-699 Knit Knee Socks, Beret and Garters.    I adore the whimsy of this patterns.   Socks yes, beret - a nice addition to almost any outfit and then .... garters????   Were garters popular in the 1960's ?    I don't remember that.  

B-700 Knit Puff-Stitch Cloche.   A close fitting cap with a bit of a chunky look.

B-701 Crochet Mittens and Stocking Cap.   A fun set with an extra long stocking.   I'd make mine in bright and bold colors.  

B-702 Crochet Shortie Gloves.   Sized small, medium and large, this attractive pair button for a sure fit. 

B-703 Knit 4 needle Cable Mittens - Here are mittens for the entire family with a palm size range between 4 1/2 to 9 inches.   

B-704 Knit 4-needle Socks.   Also sized for the entire family - 5 to 12 1/2.  

B-705 Double Knit Striped Scarf & B-706 Knit Bib.  The scarf may be on the standard side, sized 7 x 42 inches, but the Bib ... well, what potential !

B-707 Popcorn N Pearl Knit Slippers - Here's an attractive slipper with just a bit of a mandarin look.  

B-708 Crochet Chevron Belt.   Here's a super simple chevron motif belt in two colors - match it up with a favorite dress or skirt.  Available for free. 

B-709 Crochet Sou'wester Hat - A comfortable looking hat with a brim just wide enough to keep the sun from your eyes, or flip up for style variations.

B-710 Knit Flower Bag - A sweet little drawstring bag with floral embroidery.

B-711 Embroidered Slippers:  These fun pretties have an embroidered design across the top and sides and felt soles.

B-712 Ladybug Pajama Bag or Toy - Your choice; insert zipper or stuff.   This design would be sure to delight a child!

B-713 Crochet Popcorn Beret - Just a bit oversized, but still, a beret it is.   

B-714 Knit Slippers or Boot Socks - Solid or striped.  

B-716 Knit Belt - A simple, yet quite attractive piece.

B-715 Crochet Scarf - this long (80 inches) and narrow scarf would add a great attraction to the winter coat.   For the younger girls, add in the little pompoms.   And, it is super easy!

B-717 Knit Heelless Aran Socks - Here is a nice aran design in a pair of socks.

And .... finally .... the back page giving us a few more of the designs in color.

Now, that was a lot of design options.   This book literally took me three days to make it through.    Many of the patterns I've added to my shop, should you be interested.  (There will be a link below the pictures).   Personally, I like the hats the best; particularly the over sized beret.   And, I'll go ahead and admit that although I'm a middle aged woman, I wouldn't mind having the ladybug on my bed.  

Hope you enjoyed the photo review.   

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Crochet Chevron Belt, Free Pattern

I know that I already have several belt patterns in the free section of my blog, but one more won't hurt - Right ?

This design is early 1960s from Coats and Clark Book 192.   It's an easy pattern, in the classic Chevron motif and clasps with a kilt pin.    Select a main and secondary color to coordinate with a favorite a-line dress or skirt and make at whatever length you might need.  

If you make like to give it a go, I've listed the pattern with Free Immediate Download over in my shop.

Create a marvelous belt !

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