Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crochet Edging Pattern Leaflet No 109L

This crochet edging leaflet, No 109L from The Spool Cotton Company, takes us all the way back to 1939.   

 As was frequently the custom for this time period, the leaflet was issued in promotion of their newly released pattern book 109 - A Bookful of New Edgings.   The concept, of course, was give you a couple of the patterns and perhaps you'd decide to buy the entire book.  The book was issued as a promotion to their Clarks or Coats (before it was officially Coats and Clarks) Mercerized Crochet Cotton.   
 I do not currently have the SPC Book 109 in my collection, but apparently it was for at least 18 different edging patterns designed for Collars and Cuffs.   I say 18, as that is the number of edgings that are displayed here within this leaflet.   I would think it would be far more, however.  

Of the 18 patterns shown here, the leaflet gives directions for six.   Well, actually, it gives directions for 7 -- the last directions No 8286 are not shown in any of the pictures.  One could say that either No 8286 is in the book, or just a complete mistake.  

I've recently started an album over at Google Photo for Crochet Edging Patterns.   I've added the six to that album, in case you are interested in browsing through, or giving them a crochet.

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