Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Crochet Basket or Planter Pattern, Mail Order Style

I've heard that baskets have been in use all the way back to prehistoric man.   So, I have no doubt that includes the crocheted basket; which should date back to, at least, the 1700's.  Which, is why it surprises me that I don't come across loads of crochet basket or planter patterns.

I was thinking about this as I finished adding Alice Brooks 7018 to the shop.  I went back in and did a search for all planter or basket patterns in the shop and they only items are all Mail Order Patterns.

Laura Wheeler 530 - Use as either a tabletop or hanging basket in a Swan shape

Laura Wheeler 619 - Hanging Basket in pineapple stitch.

Mail order Design 624, Crochet Swan Basket Pattern

Laura Wheeler 624 - Another swan basket.   At first glance, it looks the same as Design 530 above, but a closer look will show the pineapples are different.Pineapple Parasol Crochet Hanging Planter Pattern
Laura Wheeler 653, Hanging Basket in parasol shape. 

Vintage 1960s Hanging Planter Crochet Pattern
Laura Wheeler 717, Hanging Planter in two sizes.

Mail Order 865, Crochet Basket Pattern
Laura Wheeler 865,  Two hanging planters on the small side in jar and bowl shapes. 

Alice Books 7018, Crocheted Pineapple Basket Pattern
Alice Brooks 7018 - This crochet basket is similar to the Design 619 above, but the scalloped pineapple edges are more prominent.
Crocheted Swan Basket or Planter Pattern 7132

Alice Brooks 7132, Another Crochet Swan, similar to those above, but still, slight differences. 

I find it quite ironic that all the basket patterns are Mail Order Designs.   Or, perhaps there are hundreds of others out there and, with the some 4000 or so patterns I've processed, just not happened across them.   

Do you have vintage basket that are not mail order?   If so, do you mind sharing the maker ... just for my curiosity?  

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