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Monday, March 21, 2011

American Thread Star Book 208 You Asked For These Knitting Crochet Tatting Patterns

Here is another of the Star Books from American Thread - Number 208 - titled You Asked for These.   The book contains a hodge podge of patterns -- a couple jackets, some home items, some crafts ... a touch for anyone standing in line way back there in the early 1960s (book issued without copyright).  Want to see pictures in this book?   Well, here you go !

American Thread Star 208
The colorful cover shows three of the patterns contained in the booklet.   The back cover is an exact repeat.
The Motif Suit - Crochet Pattern  in Small and Medium.  Attractive pattern stitch - don't you think.

The Pansy Doily is crocheted and measures 12 inches in diameter.    I love the dual motif - a daisy in the center, surrounded by daisies.

This Cathedral Window tablecloth  is crocheted with crochet cotton.  It measures 61" x 76" and has 180 motifs.   This one is a definite WOW ... and could easily become a family heirloom.

Colorful Crocheted Block Afghan measuring approx. 42" x 63", is made up with 10 1/2 inch blocks.  

This is the Harlequin Coat; a stylish piece of warmth.  It can be crocheted in Small, Medium-Large.

The Afghan Coat is perfect for those time you wish you could take the afghan right off the couch and bring it with you the entire day.   This is a crocheted garment in S-M-L.

This is one piece of the Maple Leaf Luncheon Set.   I believe this would now be referred to as a placemat.  It measures 14.5" by 11.5".

The Puritan Bedspread is also made with Mercerized Crochet Cotton.  The motifs are 12" x 18" and create a spread about 60 by 90"  With just a touch of old-fashioned, this is a spectacular piece !

Here we have two yarn based craft projects and a crocheted bell. 

And now .... we have a whole lot crocheted edges and a couple blocks  ...

And, this is You Asked For It !  (Remember the final page is a repeat of the front page).
So, what do you think?  

I've scanned and reformated several of the patterns and listed them separately in my shop, as shown .   If, for some reason, you really need one of the edgings, let me know and I'll see if I can get it ready.

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