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Color Crochet Pot Holders Place Mat Pattern Accessories Coats & Clarks Book 113

To promote a specialized line of threads, Knit-Cro-Sheen', Coats & Clark's issued Book No 113.   The book, entitled Color Crochet, predominately features crocheted home accessories, however, does have a couple personal accessories as well.    And, just like the title says, all the patterns in this book are Crochet.    Here, I'll show you .....

Color Crochet, Book No 113
 The front page, as usual, previews a couple of the patterns contained in the book.

A-214 - Grape Cluster Pot Holder in shaded purples and greens.

A-215 Gape Cluster Pot Holder and Place Mat follows with the grape motif, but this time, on a bright canary yellow background.

A-216 Water Lily Candy Dish -- so perfect for gift giving.

A-217 Shaded Lattice Place Mat measures 12" x 18" and would be an outstanding
feature on your table. 

A-218 Pretty Pair of Pot Holders; one sporting a pansy, the other a rose.  

 A-219 Rosebud Place Mat.  Notice the nice singe rose beside the fork?   It finished mat is 12" x 18". 

A-220 Give a Gift of Slippers - something here for every woman; two loafer and one flats style.  

A-221 Scallop Stripes is delicate and lacy.
A-222 Cockleshells, also with color rows of stripes and ribbon bands. 

A-223 'Little Miss Muffet' is carrying her hat and handbag set.  This is sized for 6 years.

 A-224 Flower Pot Cover.   Insert a plastic tray into the bottom and show off those plants !
This pattern is offered as a free download in my shop.    

 A-225 Cherry Ripe Pot Holder, Hot Plate and Pot Holder set, all with an attractive cherry motif.

A-226 Camellia Candle Holder.  The pattern also calls for a plastic box from one Coats and Clark's  Quality Zippers, which I'm assumes supports the candle.
A-227 Bottle Cap Covers -  I'm really intrigued by these !   This is called bottle cap crochet and, yep, this made up using little crocheted covers placed over the bottle caps and stitched together.   WOW ... the possibilities here could be endless.

This Heart Pot Holder is doubled with felt on the the inside.
A-299 Cock-a-Doodle Pot Holder.   This one is also a double that is lined with felt. 

A-231 This is a mesh  crocheted shopping bag that folds down to tuck in a corner of your purse. 
 A-232 Tote Bag - is 9 x 12 inches and stitched in an attractive shell stitch.

A-233 Place Mat and Pot Holder Set is adorned with little 'Pot of Flowers'.   

And, the back cover is a recap of a couple of the projects not pictured on the front. 

If you are not able to come up with some ideas to adorn your home in this booklet, you weren't looking very well !

The patterns in the book are listed individually in my shop; just follow the links below the pictures.   Two of the patterns are available as free downloads.   

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