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Knitting Crochet Craft Pattern Collection American Thread Star Book 225

From American Thread, is their Star Book 225 - Collection.   I'd date this to perhaps 1970 and it's definitely a Collection of their over-the-top whimsy, dotted here and there with a couple lovely pieces.     It's worth a look through ... who knows what might tickle your fancy.     This was issued under the Aunt Lydia Rug Collection series .. promotion material for their yarns.  

Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn COLLECTION
 This quite busy front cover is a great preview to the whimsy contained inside ....   And there's alot ...  I uploaded 28 pictures !   So, get your coffee, (or whatever you drink), have a comfortable seat and let's go visit their Collection!

 A Belle's Shell' is an extra long shell, or tunic.  It has a scoop front neckline (giving it a jumper type look), and, in case you didn't notice .... check out the pom-poms at the bottom !   Now, this would be fun with a pair of todays leggins or skinny jeans.    This is a crochet pattern; sized Small, Medium and Large. 

 'A Love Vest'.  This is a very loose fitting pullover vest.  There are vague (perhaps because I do not knit or crochet) instructions on how to create the L-O-V-E Buttons.   This vest is knitted and sized 12, 14 & 16.

The 'Aran Afghan and Pillows' - what a beautiful classic!  They are knitted. The finished afghan measures 49" x 65" and the pillows are 18" x 18", 18" x 19" and 12" x 18".
An additional picture of the 'Aran Pillows' -- they definitely deserve a second look!

American Thread officially called this set of mens garments - 'By the He-Sea'.  Okay, so, I'll save the commentary for a "Ludicrous Picture" post and get right to the details.   Here we have two pullovers and a poncho.   The Slip-Over (brown & white) is knitted and sized small, medium and large.   The laced pullover is crocheted and also sized small, medium and large.   The Ripple Poncho is crocheted and 'one-size'.    Can you see your man wearing these !!   Or, perhaps they did in the 60's.

This cute boot is crocheted .   I really like the lace starting at the toe at ending with a tie at the ankles.
This knitted boot also has contrast colors, and laces up the front.  This one ends in a deliciously fun pompom. 

This placemat is titled 'Lunch or Brunch', but I'm sure you could use it for Breakfast or dinner as well.   It's an attractive table piece with the dainty floral border.  It is crocheted and measures 14" x 18, with a matching 5 x 5 coaster.  This is an easy pattern, perfect for beginners.

Here, we have 'A Poodle Boodle' .  These sweethearts are crocheted.  You'll also need felt scraps for the eyes and bits of ribbon.   The come in Large, Medium and Small; although the pattern does not indicate the actual height.   The are a round cylinder, and if you put a bottom on them,  might make for an interesting container to stash things.   Definite cute ... definitely unusual. 

Meet the 'Showman Snowman'.   He is knitted around rubber balls  and then adorned with scrap felts, ribbon, and a tophat.   Based on the size of rubber balls called for, I'd say he is tall - around 15 inches.  
This pattern is offered as a Free Download in the shop.  

Here we have the 'LOVE Tennis Racket Cover'.  This is knitted, with single crochet letters and a little embroidery details at the handle.  It is sure to be the envy at the racket club. 

This is the 'Flower Bower Power' Bathroom set, consisting of toilet seat cover, tissue box cover, tissue cover and floor rug.   The rug measures 25.5" x 31.5".  Both knitting and crochet are part of this pattern.

The 'Excite in White' sleeveless cardigan is below hip length and quite comfortable looking.   It is knitted and sized small, medium and large.  
'The Simplest/Smartest of Them All' Luncheon Mats and perfect in their simplicity.  Make them up in a variety of mix and match colors for mealtime fun.  The measure 11" x 16" and are crocheted.   This pattern is available as a Free Download in the shop. 

'What's Your Bag' pattern gives you instructions to create two totes, one large, one mini sized.  They are knitted. 

This piece is called the 'Going Sewing' Sewing Caddy.   This is a crocheted cylinder - store your measuring tape on the inside, the face becomes a pincushion, there is a pocket for scissors and a couple bands to hold threads.   It's definitely different, and cute as well.
This pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop. 

'Mirror Mirror on The Ball' is a mirror cover !   It is crochet with felt adornments.   And, I have no idea why one of the eyes is missing. 
This is the 'Hit and Miss' placement.   I'm think it is titled this for the bullseye in the center.  It it quite nice and would make a good table centerpiece, measuring 26" in diameter, without the fringe.   It is crocheted.  

And, as is typical with American Thread Star Booklets, the back cover is exactly the same as the front cover.  I suppose the front is the introduction, the back is the recap.

There are a number of nice patterns in here, along with a couple that are quite fun, and a couple just downright funky.  I took the time and reworked each one to bright clean copy and listed them individually in my shop.   There are a couple free downloads there as well.   If you are interested, just follow the links below the picture to my shop.  

So, what do you think?   I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Star Book 225, COLLECTION.  
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