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Sweaters Cardigns Accessories Knit Crochet Patterns American Thread Star 156

Here's another of the American Thread Pattern Booklets.   It is Sweaters, Cardigans, Slipovers and Accessories for Him and Her The price of 29 cents would place it around 1968.   Here, American Thread step away from the outrageously whimsical for a more subtle whimsy.     Hope you enjoy the tour of the booklet.

Star Book 156
 The front cover starts with a nice preview of two of the patterns.   Not sure of the significance of the dog statue .. perhaps there is a stab of irony here and there. 

They are calling this a Knitted Popover.  Others may think of it as a vest or a tabbard.  Whatever name, it was mainly an overblouse in the 1960s, but could be a stand-alone top now. 

 How's this for a Prop ... this man is leaning a rifle !  As pictured, the vest has a bit of whimsy going on.  Make it in two shades of a single color, however, and it could be quite striking. The Cardigan is knitted and sized 38, 40 and 42.

 Misses Cable Sweater, with or without embroidery.   A great looking cabled cardigan that can take on a whole new dimension with the addition of small lazy daisy flowers added inside the cables.

This simple, yet lovely knitted jacket, is a vintage Vera Maxwell design.  

This gentlemen, in the roll of French Horn player handsome in a Classic Ribbed V-Neck Sweater 

 And here we have a woman, wearing what they are call a Raindow Knit Sweater and Headpiece, petting the bird ornament on a weathervane !   I have to say, although I like the sweater, I really like the hat !   This set is knitted and crocheted.   It is sized for both men and women at Small, Medium and Large. (Womens 32 - 38 and Mens 36 - 46).  I'm not sure I see either the sweater or the hat on a man.

  Here we have a very nice pair of matching motif Rainbow Ski Socks.   This pattern is available as a free download in my shop.  

 This woman, delighting in the parakeets, is wearing the ever attractive Popcorn and Embroidery sweater.   This pattern is knitted (some crochet) and a separate chart is included for the embroidery.    It is sized Small, Medium and Large.
 These slippers are more than appropriately called 'Moppets'.  The are knitted and sized Small, Medium and Large.   This pattern is featured as a FREE DOWNLOAD in my shop, as well as pocked a little fun at in a separate blog post. 

Adding whimsy to these elegant  Fisherman Sweaters would be a shame ... and I'm happy to say they didn't go there.   These sweaters are knitted and sized Small, Medium and Large. 

 This hat, called the Ribbed Topper, is quite cute with a personality all its' own.  This 'Topper' is knitted.

 This is another Beauty in this booklet.  Pauline Trigere, top Fashion stylist, designed this Handsome Slip-over.   It is knitted (with crochet) and sized Small, Medium and Large.   
 This Man's Cardigan is knitted with a checked pattern stitch and has a 'not so common' shawl collar. 

 This Large Collared Textured Cardigan  is a downright beauty !    

 This is a soft and feminine Crochet Jacket with braid trim.  A perfect example of when less can be more.   It is also the only crochet pattern in the book 

The back cover has a color recap of two of the patterns.    This is a slight difference from most American Thread booklets.   Typically, the back cover is a repeat of the front.

I think this booklet, overall, has some nice patterns.  And most of them, as fashionable now as they were then.   I particularly love the knitted headpiece.   Too bad that I 1) don't know how to knit (it is on my bucket list) and 2) it's not too appropriate in this humid southern climate.

These patterns are listed in my shop, should you be interested.   Just follow the links under the pictures. 
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