Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Vintage Dress Knitting Pattern Red Hot & Blue 1960s

Here's a knitting pattern to create a patriotic hers' and hers' short sleeveless dress.   The official title of this pattern is 'Red Hot and Blue Stripe Dress'.   Of course, if you are specifically looking for a patriotic dress for the 4th of July (or other event), make it in an color combo you choose.

This is a late 1960s pattern from American Thread, Star 219 (Family Sports) pattern book.  This pattern is a mother/daughter combo.   Make one for you and one for her.   Unless you don't have a young her, and then, just for yourself .... lol.

If you'd like to see all the patterns available in this book ....
This link will take you to the Photo-Journal here in my blog.   And, this link will take you to the PDF format booklet in my shop.

Here you go ....
(To print this public domain pattern, click to enlarge and then copy / paste to a word
 document on your computer) 

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