Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chicken Applique Wallhanging Pattern, The McClucks

CLUCK-A-DOODLE-DO !  (I couldn't resist).   Meet the McClucks ....

 This is a pattern from Plain Jane Creations.   It's a mixed media sewing/craft project with the intended purpose of being framed as Wall Art.     It calls for fabric (of course), buttons, acrylic paint, pigma pen, a wood star and some gauge wire. 

The McClucks, Pattern Nbr 117 

I think Plain Jane Creations were selling themselves abit short on this one.    It's potential goes way beyond Wall Art.   How about substituting the wire for some yarn (or other fiber) and creating a few applique McClucks.   Put them on a jackets, sweatshirts, jumpers ....   You call call them your McCluck Wearable Art pieces ...

This one is in my shop (at least at the moment).  Don't you think they are adorable ?

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