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Rug Yarn Bazaar, To Crochet Knit, Coats Clarks Book 184

This booklet was put out in 1968 by Coats and Clark's to promote their O.N.T. line of Rug Yarns.   It's titled Rug Yarn Bazaar and contains 18 patterns to knit or crochet a variety of items, all, of course, which use Rug Yarn.   I suppose many of these items were typically bazaar items in the 1960's  ....  thus the title Bazaar.    Here are not only rugs, but sweaters, bags, slippers, little plaques and such.   A bit of this and that, you mightt say, with no central theme other than rug yarn.  (note: there are 18 pictures here; if you have a slow connection, hang in there and you'll get a preview of all the patterns)

Rug Yarn Bazaar, Book 184
 to Crochet and Knit // Front Cover previews 4 of the patterns

 A-704 - Safari - A fun jungle print (be it tiger or leopard), or perhaps abstract delight, this single-crochet rug measures 26" x 38". This pattern is shown on the front cover in color. 

 A-705 - Doily Dream Crochet Rug   Yes, it definitely looks like a Doily !   It measures 34" in diameter and is created with a size I crochet hook.   This pattern is shown on the front cover in color. 

 A-706 - Stitch Sampler Rug - This rug is full of textural appeal !  Finished, it measures 31" x 43"  It is knitted with crochet edges and made up of 7.5" x 42" strips.    You'll need a pair of No 8 knitting needles, along with a Size G crochet hook.  This pattern is shown on the front cover in color.   

 A-707 - Flower Fantasy Bundle Rug - Yarn is wound around Bundle Winder, then sewn to burlap or canvas background following a chart for design.    This pattern is shown on the front cover in color. 

A-708 - Polishing Mitt ... loops on palm of mitt make polishing a breeze !  This mitt is crocheted with a Size G hook.   You'll also need 1 bone ring.

 A-709 - Dutch Duo Wall Plaques - (now these you don't see every day!).  Each plaque, measuring 5.5" x 9" is crocheted with a Size H hook.   You'll also need small buttons, red felt and two bone rings.

 A-710 - Sportsman's Special Knit Cardigan - This pattern is sized Small (38/40), Medium (42/44) and Large (46/48).    You'll need both a size 8 and 10 knitting needles, along with 6 buttons. 

 A-711 - Smart Stripes Knit Shell - This pretty piece is sized 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18.   It is knitted with a pair of No 10 needles.   This pattern is shown on the back cover in color. 

  A-712 - Little Miss Knit Cardigan - Here's a warm little cardigan for the special girl.   It's sized 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.  You'll need both No 8 and No 10 knitting needles, along with 5 buttons.   This pattern is shown on the back cover in color.   

 A-713, 714, 715 - Family Slippers .. a pair for Mom, Dad and the Kids .... or anyone else !  These slippers are all easy crochet projects.

 A-716 - Crochet Hat -  (now this you don't see everyday!). A wide brimmed hat with wide band of grosgrain ribbon.    A fun design with a bit of Ellie Clampett on it. 
 A-717 - Half Moon Place Mat - You can crochet these simple mats in small (9.5"), Medium (10.5") or Large (11.5") long.    

 A-718 - Crochet Pillow Cover - This is a crocheted cover for an existing round pillow.    You'll need a Size G hook.
 A-719 - Satchel Afghan-Stitch Bag - The dimensions for this afghan crochet satchel are not stated.  It is created with a Size I Afghan Hook.

 A-720 - Mail Pouch Knit Tote Bag - This cute little cabled bag measures 13" x 15" (excluding gussets), and would be a great size to carry or store extra stuff.   It is knitted with 1 pair No 10 needles.   You'll also need white plastic rings and felt.  This pattern is shown on the back cover in color. 
 A-721 - Smocking-Knit Pillow Cover - This pattern gives instructions to cover a 16" pillow.  You'll need 1 pair of No 10 knitting needles and a milwards rug needle for tufting.   This pattern is shown on the back cover in color. 
The end ... or, in other words, the back cover 

A number of the patterns in this book are available in my shop, as noted by the links under the pillow.   Although it is small, I think the Knit Pouch is one of my favorites.   It would be so perfect to hold all those small items.

One more book done, many more to follow !   Thanks for dropping by,

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