Thursday, June 16, 2011

American Thread Star Baby Book 148 Knitting Crochet Pattern

BABIES are such fun to dress is Book No 148 from American Thread Company.    And, isn't that a true statement and perfect title.   This booklet does not have a copyright, however, would date to the early 1960s based on the book number and the 25 cent price tag.    Four of the patterns are knitting, one is tatting and the remaining 7 are crochet.  This booklet was issued as a promotion for their Dawn Wool Yarn line. 

The front cover contains a whimsical view of babies modeling some of the hat selections contained in the book.

This advertising promo is on the inside front cover.   Since it's also adorable, I wanted to share it with you along with the patterns.

Titled:  A Set for Pet.   It's a knitted cable set sized to 1 year.  You'll need 1 pair of No 1 and 2 Knitting needles and some tiny buttons.   Note the chin strap versus ribbon ties; what a nice variation. 

Titled:  Crochet For Gay, or Kay or Fay.   It is crochet Shell Stitch Baby Set for 6 months.   To create these, you'll need a Plastic Crochet Hook E and a Steel Hook No 7. 

Titled:  Cute for Kate, Smart for Bart.  This crocheted Baby set is sized 6 months to 1 year.   It requires a steel crochet hook 0.

Titled:  Snug as a Hug.  Here we have a Knitted Infants Suit that is sized 1 - 1.5 years.  You'll need one pair each of No 3 and No 1 knitting needles as well as a Plastic Crochet Hook size F for finish details.  

Titled:  Chic for the Sheik:  This crocheted baby set is sized to 1 year and requires 7 little pearl buttons and both a plastic crochet hook size F and a steel crochet hook No 4, and some ribbon.

Titled:  Sailor Dress.   This is one of the larger sized patterns - 3 years.   This piece is crocheted with a steel hook no 7.

Titled:  Tat for Pat.   Infant's Christening Cap & Dress Edging.   Here you are adding the tatting embellishments to an existing dress and cap.   I've listed this pattern on a FREE Basis over at Craftsy, should you like to give it a try.  

Titled:  Beauty of Baby.   This is a knitted seed stitch set.   It is sized to 6 months and calls for 1 pair size 3 needles. 

Titled:  His and Hers.   This is the Star Stitch baby set.  It uses an aluminum crochet hook size H, some ribbon.   It is sized 1 year.
 Titled:  Three Cheers.  This is a three pattern set to keep the toddler warm.  The top bottom pattern is crochet, the top designs are knitted.  They are sized for the 2 year old. 

 Titled:  A Cover for Lover and Blanket:  This Shawl  and Blanket Combination - a two pattern set.  The shawl is knitted and the blanket is crocheted.

 Titled:  A Throw for Joe.  This Woven Carriage Cover measures 27 x 37" without the fringe.   It is crocheted with a wooden hook, size 10 and then the harlequin pattern is added using a Weaving Needle.

And, the back cover is the same as the front. 

 I've had a great time looking through this booklet.    I really like all the variations on the booties and the infants suit and the sailor dress are a must have.   Oh ... if only I had a grandchild or knew how to either knit or crochet.  (coming soon, the crocheting).

I've listed the patterns in this book individually and they are in my shop should you be interested -- just follow the links under the pictures.  

So, what one is your favorite ?

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