Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clothespin Dolls, Most Popular, Week of 6/12

Most popular for the week of June 12th came in as a complete surprise, moving out the a bathing suit cover-up and a prom dress that have been neck and neck for the last couple of weeks.   Not only that, but it bumped Mr. Fish costume (yah!) all the way down to number 6.

Most Popular Week of 6/12
 This is the first time that a book has made it into the top 10.   And not only that, but all the way to the top.  Now, Ill admit that the search stats were a pretty even mix between those looking for a pattern to make Dress-Up Dolls, as well as those looking for Clothespin Dolls themselves.   

 I'd never seen Clothespin Dolls before I came across this book.   And I certainly see the appeal.  

 This little charmer with a back box and wonderful full-brimed hat.   She'd be darling in any new collection.   

I remember looking through the book as I was scanning the pictures.   Lots of cute ideas.   I'd think these are display pieces, however, and not sturdy enough to be used in active play with little fingers.   If you are interested in creating a few of your own, this book (at least at the moment) is still in my shop.  And, there are dozens of instructions and how-to-s by doing a simple Google search.

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