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Crochet Placemats Doilies Coats Clarks Book 315

This pattern booklet is Placemats and Doilies in the Contemporary Manner.  It is Book 315, Coats & Clark's, Vintage 1955.    I enjoyed the 'Contemporary Manner' in the title.      We, of course, have vintage, when something is older and if it's not older but we still need some extra words, just toss in Contemporary.   (Yes, I know, I'm easily distracted with words).    Actually, this booklet contains a nice variety of vintage style doilies and placements (Modern back then, of course).   That's not to say, however, that they would not be desirable n todays setting.        Here, let me show you.

Place Mats and Doilies, Book 315
S-750 Star Wheel Place Mats take the front page.  These pretty mats, suitable for the entry or dining room table, measure 19 inches. 
This is one of the few Coats & Clark's books where the front and back cover are different.    

Here's the promo page on the inside cover for their line of threads featured in the patterns to follow. 

S-748 - Orange Blossom - Orange Blossoms, Pineapples and lacy mesh all in 11-1/2 inches.

S-749 - Ripple Rhythm - 14 inches in diameter, features a central leaf type motif and plenty
mesh with a rhythmic flow. 

S-751 - Strawberry Cream - An eye catching place mat design, mesh with a solid 
border measures 12 x 18 inches

S-752 - Avocado Stripes has thin stripes between rows of cluster stitch with contrast color.
 Quite a pleasing combination. 

S-753 - Silver Sands - 12 x 18 inches, calls for metallic thread, giving it 
shimmering detail.  This pattern is offered as a Free Download in my shop. 

S-754 - Candy Cane  is well named for the red and white, stitched with
 metallic thread is 16.5 inches in diameter.

S-755 - Sundial -  This pretty piece, IMO more resembles a star or a flower ... maybe a
poinsettia, although officially named Sundial.  It is 10 inches in diameter.

S-757 - Rose Wreath - with open mesh on the inside and the rose
motif on the out.  It measures 14 inches

S-756 - Modern Classic - 12 x 18 inches

The back page gives us the last two doilies featured.
S-758 - Comets Tail (top) - aka is whirlwind, is lovely at 11-1/2 inches.
S-759 - Rose Brocade - a rich tapestry type doily all in 13 inches.

So, what do you think of these Contemporary ... ummm Vintage 1955 ... designs?     There are a couple I wouldn't mind having.   I think the outside pattern on the Rose Wreath would make a nice border on clothing and the Strawberry Cream Placemats would look great under my dinner plate !

I've restored and converted these patterns to PDF format.   They are available in my shop, links under the pictures, should you be interested.   Either way, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and book review.

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