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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beret Cap Free Pattern, Both Knitted and Crocheted

This is a beret set that includes a pattern for both knitting and crochet.   These patterns are from American Thread Co., Star Book 183, Ripples.    The book itself was issued in the early 1960s and contains an assortment of patterns all sporting, of course, the ripple pattern.   The book contains patterns for both Crochet and Knitting.     I'd originally posted this Free Pattern Offering to my Artfire Blog, however, I'm moving over here to Blogger so more people will be able to find and use it.    

This pattern is for a Beret sporting the great Ripple Pattern.   It comes in both a crochet and knitted version. 

If you'd like to print this pattern, versus working from the screen, I'd suggest clicking to enlarge the individual page(s) and then copy paste it to a word document on your computer.  Then, you can save and print as you wish.   This is a public domain pattern.   You may use any way you wish. 

The entire book is also featured in a blog post, if you'd like to see all the ripple patterns it contains. 

Create a marvelous beret !   Thanks for dropping by,

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