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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crocheted Pillbox Hat Popcorn Stitch Pattern

Did you know that the pillbox hat originated as military gear?   It  originated in the UK (then England) and frequently had a strap to hold it in place.     I just learned that over at Wikipedia; I love that site.    The Pillbox Hat evolved into a popular ladies accessory, becoming immensely popular in the early 1960s when Jackie Kennedy was frequently photographed with one.    At that point, every fashion and pattern designer were putting out Pillbox Hats.      If you have a moment or two and would like to browse, there are a delightful array of Crocheted Pillbox Hats, featuring the Popcorn Stitch, over at Googe Images.    

Here's one of those patterns from the October 1963 issue of The Workbasket.    This pattern is rather generic as compared to most from Magazines in that it calls only for Knitting Worsted, versus a specific brand.  In other words, a direct design and not put out by one of the Yarn Manufacturers.   It does, typical with The Workbaskets from these time periods, have a lousy picture of the finished piece.   

But, even with the lousy picture, perhaps you might want to give it a try.   It just could become the perfect accessory for one of your outfits ..... Jackie O', or not. 

Enjoy !
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