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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Knitted Quetzal Pullover Free Pattern

I was looking through the blog post for the Columbia Minerva Book 761 and realized that I had not posted the Quetzal Pullover Pattern, that I referenced as being offered as a freebe.      Giving this some thought, I decided I had two choices; 1) list the pattern in my Free Pattern section, or 2) wait to see if anyone noticed.   I suppose you can guess which option I choose. 

So, what's a Quetzal Pullover, you might ask.   I didn't have a clue, of course, so I went out a consulted with my friend, Google, and learned that Quetzal is a place in Gautemala and well as a bird (which, you guessed it ... has roots in the same place)
Lovely little bird, don't you think?     Now, let's compare this little bird to the sweater.

See the similarities ?    Now,  this pullover is made fun with the tasseled fringe.    I suppose, if you didn't want it to be a fun sweater, you could leave the fringed tassel off (just don't tell me).  I think I might even go the extra mile and add three at the center front neckline !

So, how about it?  Why not create one for yourself?   It's available in my shop as a Free Download.   

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