Thursday, August 11, 2011

Names on Pattern Envelopes, Simplicity 7869

It is not unusual to find writings on the pattern envelopes.   Sometimes they are measurements, or 'notes to onself' like colors or sleeve length and such.     But my favorite writings are people's names.    With the name, it then becomes more than a 'previously used' pattern, but a piece of personal history.   

Like this sweet pattern, where, Leslie Andrews wrote in her name, making this her piece of history.     In studying this pattern (while processing for my shop), I note that the handwriting is just abit shaky in appearance and there are not other marks.   The pattern was cut, shows no other signs of use, and was carefully folded back into the envelope.   The instructions were also folded right side forward.   

So, to ponder ....

Perhaps Leslie Andrews was a young teenage in home economics class and this was the pattern she created for her sewing grade.  What a perfect dress for a young woman!

Or, perhaps, Leslie Andrews was a grandmother making this sweet dress for her granddaughter and simple wrote her name on the envelope as had been her pattern for life.  

Do you write on your envelope ?    If so, just imagine what someone might make of your personal tracks 20, 30 or more years from now.

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