Thursday, August 11, 2011

Restoring Simplicity 5671

Some of the pattern I receive I led a sad and neglected life, with previous owners who showed them absolutely no respect after they served their creative purpose.
Case at hand .... Simplicity 5671.   I placed this sweet vintage pattern on my drafting table, the envelope is sadly torn, the instructions mishappenly folded and pattern pieces somewhat folded, but mostly waded.  There is always a second or two when I ponder just tossing it all in the recycle and moving on, although that is very seldom what I do.  

Neglected, Unloved Pattern

I unfolded the instructions and ironed them out.   Then refolded and pressed back into its original folds.  Checked the page numbers to make sure there is not a second page.

Instructions restored

I then carefully unfolded each pattern piece, and checked against the instruction sheet to make sure all pieces were present.   And, surprise, perhaps this pattern was not as unloved at it originally appeared.   All the pieces are there and in Very Good condition.  The pants were cut at knee length, but the cutoffs were there.   What a nice surprise.    Ironed out each pattern piece and refolded.
Then, the envelope is ironed out, adding in a little starch to take away some of those wrinkles and taped it back together, as best as possible.     It was also placed in a plastic zip bag to help preserve the envelope

And here you go   .... One again ready to move to a new creative home where it can be used and loved.

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