Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ruffled Doilies, Vintage American Thread Book 59

This pattern book, just like the name suggests, contains patterns to crochet ruffled doilies.   There are 11 patterns, 12 if you count that one pattern has a listed variation.  All of the patterns call for Star Crochet Cotton variations, as you might expect with this being an American Thread, Star book.  All of the patterns are reminiscent of the 1948 year the book was published.     Enjoy the book tour !

Ruffled Doilies (and the Pansy Doily)
American Thread, Star Book 59
 No. 5901 - Double Ruffle is featured on the front page. Measuring approx. 13-1/4 inches, the doily features a 12 point star, surrounded by a double set of ruffles.

No 5902 - Victorian Ruffle - This beauty is large enough to be called a centerpiece - 25.5" by 31" without the ruffle. 

 No. 5903 - Filet Ruffle - This delightful piece, in filet crochet, measures approx. 7.5 inches without the ruffle.  

No. 5904 - Square Ruffle - This doily, just a bit different than the usual is 16 motifs 4 x  for a doily  measuring  7.5" square without the ruffle. 

No. 5905 - Tailored Ruffle - This pretty piece reminds me of Canterbury Bells.    It is crocheted with a Steel Hook No. 7 and measures about 7.5 inches in diameter with the ruffle.  This doily sports two colors. 

No 5906 - Star Ruffle - This small beauty measures about 7" without the ruffle and features a nice either point star, 

No. 5907 - Irish Rose Ruffle - This intricate piece is crocheted with a Steel Hook No. 13.  It measures approx. 10.5 inches, without the ruffle. 

 No 5908 - Bread Tray Ruffle - This bread basket liner has a linen center and a full crocheted edge.  Make it in oval or round.   The pattern is offered as a Free Download in my shop. 

No. 5909 - Shaded Ruffle - This sweet little piece measures 5" in diameter, without the ruffle.  The pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.  

No. 5910 - Pineapple Ruffle - You can create this large Pineapple motif doily measuring approx. 13" in diameter, without the ruffle.

No. 5911 - Pansy Doily - This is the 'and Pansy Doily' referenced in the title.    Look close; it's a great little piece.   The pansies create a dimension; almost, but not quite, a ruffle.   It measures approx. 7.14".  

While the pictures may remind some of us of our grandma's, others of us, lovers of all things vintage will still drool and admire the unique art of the doily.   All the patterns are available individually in my shop; just follow the links if something interests you.   There are two offered as free downloads.

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  Thanks for dropping by,

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