Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shape Up Your Wardrobe Vintage Mail Order Patterns

Tonights featured Vintage Advertisement is another Pattern Page.   This one is from the October, 1963 issue of The Workbasket (I have dozens of these old books).   There's three patterns highlighted here; two straight dresses with extra punch and a shirtwaist just like our mothers (mine anyway) used to wear. 

Workbasket M396 -  Hers an outfit with great versatality.  The dress (although we only see all of it from the back, looks like a little basic 'black' dress.   Nice darting for a fitted, but still comfortable look.  And a straight boxy jacket with either long or short sleeves to slip over it.   The jacket nicely turns it into a two-piece dress.
This is the first time I've seen a letter in front of the number on a mail order pattern.   Would love to know what that signifies ... if anyone happens to know (hint, hint).

Workbasket 9489 -  A standard Shirtwaist with raglan sleeves.   Perfect for anytime ....

Workbasket 4625 -  Well ... WOW ... The sleeves, that cape collar, fitted bodice, straight skirt.  Well ... WOW!

Just one of these patterns come up in a Google search; the 9489 Shirtwaist over at Vintage Patterns Wikia.  It not the same fabric, but definitely the same dress.     I'd like to have the 4625.   I'm not sure I'd sew if (if I even have the capability), but I'd love to put it on my board to look at. 

There are two other pattern pages in this particular booklet, which I should get posted here within the next day or two. 

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