Friday, August 12, 2011

Show Off Those Great Buttons with these Vogue Dresses

If you are like me you have a collection of great buttons stashed away.   I'm not talking about the entire jar of buttons that are all globbed together.   No, I'm talking about those really special ones that you've got carefully hidden away so, by chance a button thief should break in, they would not be found.   

Well, in a lot of Vogue patterns I picked up quite awhile back and have finally gotten around to processing, are several patterns that live up to buttons that go beyond the ordinary.   Here, let me show you. 

 Vogue 7830
Now, this tapered dress has a lot of special going on, like the front and back pleats and pleated caps at the sleeves.   But all those buttons in the front ... that's just a showcase; this dress zips in the back. 

You always know when a button is supposed to take center stage ... it's when its a color different than the dress.   Boring buttons fade in to the fabric.   Buttons with pride do more than contrast; they stand out and say 'Look at Me'. 

This is a lovely blouse, either single or double breasted with a defining pleats and the smart peplum.   But, a typical peplum it is not ... the addition of those buttons, particularly on the double breasted, take it just a bit further.

One might say that the defining touch of this two piece dress is the interesting low cut neckline.   But, go ahead, admit it.   It's difficult to keep your eyes on that neckline, they keep slipping down to the buttons.   (I think the pockets need to go).

I'll admit that this dress probably doesn't belong in this 'great button' category, but I felt like including it here anyway.   It's sort-of related to buttons.  Like, how this jacket only has three of them spaced rather far apart.   I can just see the gaps going on here.   Thanks all ... unless you want to talk about the contrast panels on View A ... but, nope ... let's not go there (in this post anyway).   

And, thanks all I've got to say. 

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