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Vintage Afghan Patterns, Star Book 239

Now, there are some lovely patterns in this book.     There is, of course, a standard Chevron version and a version of the classic Granny Square.  But then, there are a few others I've not seen before (realize that does not mean much !).   This pattern booklet is vintage 1948 from The Spool Cotton Company, who were the publishers for American Thread Company.  This is Star Book 239.      Should you be interested, I'm making the patterns available individually, or the whole book, in PDF format.      Even if you are not interested in the patterns, enjoy the Vintage 1940s Afghan show .....

Embroidered Afghan Crochet pattern
 Star Book 239
6137 - Roses-in Bloom is featured on the front cover.  This afghan measures approx. 50 x 70 inches (including fringe).  It is created using Knitting Worsted and a Bone Afghan Hook No 6.  Diagrams are included for the floral embroidery.
Crocheted Geometric Afghan Pattern
No 6145 - Modern Mood Afghan measures 52 x 70 inches.  To make this masculine, and stately piece, you will need Red Heart Knitting Worsted (or equivalent) and a Bone Afghan Hook No 6.

No 6144 Crochet Afghan Pattern with Pineapple Embroidery
 6144 - Royal Splendour Afghan is crocheted using a Bone Afghan Hook No 6 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  The charts are included for the embroidery details.   This finished pieces measures 50 x 70 inches (including fringe)  

Vintage Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern
6133 - Chevron Afghan measures 52 x 75 inches.   It is crocheted using Red Heart Knitting Worsted (or equivalent) and a Plastic Crochet Hook No. 6.

6142 - Fireside Formality Afghan is crocheted using Red Heart Knitting Worsted and a Bone Afghan Hook No 6.   The Embroidery Charts are included.  The finished afghan is approx. 49 x 68 inches. 

Vintage Crochet Mini Block Afghan Pattern
No 6140 - Tally-Ho Afghan measures 46 x 66 inches and is created with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  

Two Tone Cable Crochet Afghan pattern
6139 - Rhythm in Cables Afghan is Knitted using 1 part of No 5 knitting pins and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.   The finished afghan is approx. 45 x 63 inches. 

Vintage Turkish Delight Crochet Afghan Pattern
6143 - Turkish Delight Afghan is crocheted with a Plastic Hook No 6 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  It measures 45 x 67 inches.  
(Footnote:  This pattern was also released by The National Needlecraft Bureau as a leaflet under the same number - 6143).

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Afghan Pattern
No 6146 - Ancestral Favorite measures approx. 51 x 72 inches.   It is crocheted with a Plastic Hook No 7 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted. 

No 6141 - Petal Drops Afghan graces the back cover.   The lovely piece measures approx. 45 x 70 inches.   It is knitted with 1 pair of No 5 Knitting Pins and Red Heart Knitting Worsted. 

This booklet gives us eight crochet and two knitting patterns; 10 in total.  This booklet was issued as a promotion for the Chadwicks Red Heart Knitting Worsted Yarns, which you may have guessed since each pattern calls for it specifically.    I don't know if this yarn is still manufactured (after all, 53 years is quite a long time), however, I'd think you'd be able to locate a suitable equivalent.    

I'd have to say that my favorite would be the Rhythms in Cable; it's closest to our dark New Orleans type style we seem to consistently decorate.   But, I don't mind if you happen to like the others more.    

I've listed the patterns in my shop, just follow the links under the pictures, should you be interested.  Or, should you not be interested in any of the patterns, I hope that you enjoyed browsing the patterns and will come back again soon.  

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