Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage Coat Pattern with History

Here is a pattern that, sadly enough, has an incomplete history.   This is McCalls 3836, copyright 1973 to create a below hip jacket or knee length coat. 

Here our mystery seamstress definitely made plans.   We know that she considered Columbia Suede Cloth at $4.88/yd as well as a Cotton rayon lining, which was on sale for $3.66/yd. and that she was planning on View B in a Maroon Color.  And that, combined, the jacket was going to cost her $16.05 ... plus the $.100 for the pattern, of course.    We don't know whether or not she purchased the fabric. 

What we do know, ALAS, is that, for whatever reason, she didn't make the jacket.   And, how do we know that?   Well, because the pattern is uncut, still in the factory folds.     A pattern with only half of a hard life ... dogeared edges, small tears and a pristine future inside .... awaiting creation. 

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