Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday, 8-13-2011

For those years that I dabbled with mosaic and mixed media art, I used to go to Yard Sales every Saturday morning and look for Found Art Supplies and misc. materials.   My find from these weekly trips were documented over at my old, CT Studios Blog.     Somewhere along the paths, many of my art endeavors dried up and the act of Yard Sale Saturday sort of dried up with it.    No since going out and searching for supplies, if you are using them anymore !   

But, lately, I've been thinking about how I rather missed getting up and heading out on my 'Yard Sale Circle' and perhaps, it was time I started getting re-involved in my old life.    So .. I bet you guessed where this is heading ...  I got up this morning and headed out on my usual circuit.     Now, it's really and humid here in Southeast Louisiana; just as one might expect for mid-August, and I only found three in my circuit (which consists of an approx. 4 mile squared kinda circle) in my community.  But, one of them did have a find ...

 Now, I've been saying for awhile that I really don't need to be collecting any more patterns for the shop as I already have 8 jammed packed boxes full of patterns (I'm guess about 2000) awaiting processing.  

I said to myself  ... 'Self, I don't need any more patterns', as I was flipping through them.   AND THEN, I noticed one of them had a cutout picture from some magazine sticking out of the top.   Well, you know how I love finding the odd bits of history in patterns.   And, that sealed the deal.   I do need more patterns ... at least a few.   So, I went back through them, sneaking a peak inside, and selected those that had potential surprises hidden within.     And these, now will be added to those 8 boxes in the 'now' storage room of my home.  

Oh ... yes, there are some fabric paints here as well.   How could I pass those up.  I'll just add them to my box of 'fabric paints' for that day that inspiration and art (perhaps this time fabric art) return. 

I think I just might do this again next week.  Thanks for dropping by,

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