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Friday, September 30, 2011

Crocheted Cap with Long Tassel Free Pattern

This pattern jumped right out and made me chuckle.  At first site, I thought ... a Green Leprechaun Cap!   But, of course, it doesn't resemble a leprechaun hat at all.   Guess it was just the green.    This piece does yell fun though.   Can't you just imagine putting it on, bending over a bit and twirling that tassel.   Or, should you be able to run fast enough, have it streaming behind you ... like a gust of wind.    Yep, it yells fun.
This is a vintage pattern ... right out of the January, 1953 issue of The Workbasket.     If you want to print it, click to enlarge the picture, then copy/paste it to whatever word document you use on your computer.     If you make it up, do stop back by and let us know if it is as fun as it looks. 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doreen Crocheted Knitted Mittens Gloves Socks, Vol 96

I've now added a 5th Doreen (by Nell Armstrong) book to my collection.    This one, Doreen Two Needle Argyles - Easy to Make Crocheted Mittens and Gloves.   So, five down; about 100 to go --- unless the series did not start at 001.   I've performed quite a few Google searches looking for information and have found very little. 

The book cover says 'Crocheted Mittens and Gloves'.   But, there is a whole lot more going on here.   As many of the patterns are knitting as crochet, and there are sock and a scarf as well.       The pictures in the book are quite explanatory, so I'm giving here just a photo-journal .....     Enjoy the book.

Along with a variety of old-style, albeit fun and funky mittens are some very elegant socks and gloves.   Something here for everyone.   Of Nell's books, that I've seen so far, this one is straight-forward, not many cute drawings and, well ... strictly business.   But, what nice business. 

I've scanned this public domain book and listed it in my shop, if you are interested.      Hope you enjoyed the photo-journal.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fluffy Ruffles Crochet Patterns, Coats Book 275

If you love crocheted ruffles, you are going to love this one!   How do I know?  Well, I just do.   This pattern book is from JP Coats Clarks and is Ruffles Book 275.   It contains a delightful assortment of ruffles for your clothing and home decor ... ruffles at their best.   I have to say that this book contains one of the most unique (ruffled, of course) window treatments I've seen.   And, as typical with these 1950 era books, the photography is lovely.    

So, get another cup of tea and enjoy the photo-log.

 Coats Clarks Ruffles Book 275
 The cover features the crocheted window ruffle, along with plant jacket ruffles. 

S- 97 Roses and Ruffles - a detachable Collar that will make a stage with any dress,
 be it high or v-neck.
 S-105 Pinafore Frills - Crocheted neck and hemline ruffles, shown here on a girls dress, but adaptable for any size.   This pattern is available as a free download in my shop. 

S-104 Crocheted Peter Pan collar, a delightful addition for a young girls dress or top. 

 S-106 Buffet Frills : Ruffled Doilies in sizes to meet all of your hostess needs for the buffet. 

S-103  Place mats with a ruffled edge for a soft feminine touch.

S-93 Window Ruffle - A soft and frilly touch as a window treatment.

S-94 Ruffled Kitchen Set includes place mat, pot holders, seat back
cushion set as well as towel edgings. 

S-95 Floral Ruffles :  This is a multi-ruffle opportunity in doily making for the dining table. The water glass doily has a single ruffle; the saucer a double ruffle; the plate a triple ruffle and the centerpiece goes to quadruple!  The flower motif is also quite nice. 

S-101 Ruffled Doily with Rose Applique  -  This design is an applique center of your choice surrounded with three rows of ruffles.  No applique, a linen center would equally as lovely. 

 S-99 Frilly Aprons for Mother Daughter and Doll grace the back cover.  

The directions list 8 different threads, Mercerized Crochet, Tatting Crochet, Knit-Cro-Sheen, etc. with a variety of hooks.    Each pattern will specific a hook, you can vary the threads to arrive at different sizes and textures.   Experiment just for the fun of the ruffles.

I have restored and reformatted these patterns to PDF format and they are available (just follow the links) in my shop.  I particularly think the window, kitchen and pinafore patterns have other great potential uses for the edgings all by themselves.    

I hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Crochet for Christmas, Star Book 94

This book, Star Christmas Book No 94, from American Thread doesn't contain that many patterns.   The ones it does have, however,  are fun an whimsical.     This book goes back to 1952.    The patterns are all crochet (just like the title suggests), and worked using crochet cotton.

Crochet for Christmas
Santa and small cornucopia ornaments to aide your holiday decorating.  
The front and back cover are the same 

Mr Snowman

and the Christmas Angel

Christmas Ornaments, 3 variety of Snowflakes, a Wreath, Bells, Santa and Lapel Pins.   Hang the Ornaments on your tree, use them as a brooch, adorn packages ... whatever you might desire.  

A festive Bun Warmer, a Glass Jacket and a fun Pot Holder / Hot Mat.

 Santa and Mary Christmas - Holiday Dolls
Both dolls are approx. 11 inches

And, last but not least, A Fairy Princess - Doll
Mary Christmas and Santa dolls are the only patterns that actually state the approximate size.  We can assume the rest are ... well ... small ornament sized.       Use these patterns to create some holiday memories; whether they be stitching, displaying or giving.   Oh, don't let me forget to add the playing part .... we all know even big girls play with the dolls!

I've listed this book in PDF format in my shop, if you are interested.    

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Afghan with Stripes Fringe Pattern

Here is a wonderful, all purpose kind of afghan.   It calls for three colors, and when you think of all the colors yarn available, that is a whole lot of choices.   I think I'd make one up in Purple, Gold and White for my (huge LSU fan) husband.    Or, perhaps in shades on one color for a subtle understatement, or jazz it up in shades of pink for the girly girl.   Yep, endless choices.  

It looks simple enough, as well. 

So, don't hesitate.  Click to enlarge and copy/paste to a word document so you can print out a copy.   Then, TOMORROW, stop by where you buy your yarn and pick out those colors !

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Small Toy Bear Crochet Pattern

Okay, all I really know is this is a small toy bear crochet pattern.    In their earlier years, The Workbasket were not known for their high quality photos, and this is yet another example.   But, if you look real close, you'll notice he does have a cute little face.   The pattern does not state size, but I'd guess we be in the 8 to 10 inches category based on the picture.     But, if you are looking for a little toy bear to make up, why not try this one? 

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lets Crochet Beginner Star Book from American Thread

This book, Let's Crochet, is American Thread 175.   It's a simple 'Learn-How' type of book that covers the basic steps and then follows them up with some easy to follow patterns for items that you might actually want to wear or use.   I couldn't find any dates in the book, but based on the cover art, it has 1960s written all over it ... perhaps late 60's with the cute little flip hairdo on the front.

The book was issued as promotion  to their Dawn Series of Yarns, and all of the patterns, will call for this brand.  To use now, substitute based on yarn weight and gauge.    Pages 5 to 14 cover the basic stitches with both written instructions and useful pictures. 

 Afghan and Pillows are made up using 9 inch squares.    Here you'll work towards perfecting the square and incorporating the Popcorn Stitch.   They are worked with Knitting Worsted and a Size J Crochet Hook. 

The Slipover (on left) is sized 9, 11, 13 and 15.   Work with with Knitting Worsted and a Size J Plastic Hook and a Wooden Crochet Hook No 13. 
The Popover (on right) is sized 12, 14 and 16.  Crochet this comfy top with Fingering Yarn and a Plastic Crochet Hook Size J.  You'll also need Mercerized Crochet cotton for the fringe. 

Bangle Crochet Sweater or Vest is sized Small, Medium and Large.   The pattern does not state what these sizes are, but typically that would be 8/10, 12/14 and 16/18.   Look close, just like the pattern name, bangles are attached.  Pattern calls for Knitting Worsted and a Wooden Crochet Hook No 10.

Shift, Striped Dress, Tunic is sized Small, Medium and Large.   This one has - make it your way - type options ... a shift, a dress, a tunic; with fringe, without fringe.  Well, you get the idea.    Crochet this easy pattern with Knitting Worsted and a Wooden Crochet Hook Size 13.  

Crocheted Poncho sports a drawstring neck with pom-pom ties.   It is sized small and medium and is worked with a Wooden Crochet Hook No 15 and Knitting Worsted.

Stole with end Tassels is an ample 60 inches long by 20 wide.    Work this easy pattern with a Wooden Crochet Hook No 13 and Knitting Worsted. 

Crocheted Muff uses Knitting Worsted and a Wooden Crochet Hook Size 13. 
Slippers are sized Small, Medium and Large and are created with a Plastic Crochet Hook Size J

And, last, but not least, Potholders.  All 5 designs are worked in Heavy Rug Yarn using an Aluminum Crochet Hook Size H. 

The back cover features a whimsical sketch of the striped dress.   This is slightly unusual, usually on books in this time period, the front and back covers were the same.  

Overall, this is a good beginners book.    Good instructions and a few good patterns.    I don't want one, but I think the muff pattern is quite fun.   It's not cold enough here in Southeast Louisiana to ever need such a piece, however, it looks like it might be equally marvelous as a dusting mitt.

I've scanned this book, and a few of the patterns, to PDF format and they are available in my shop, if noted under the individual pictures.   

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.    Thanks for dropping by.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Tatted Crocheted Doily Edgings Star Book 30

The title says it all ... Tatted and Crocheted Designs is Star Book 30 from American Thread Company.    This pattern book goes back to 1944 and not only does it have a variety of classic edging patterns, they are accompanied by delightful art illustrations.     Even if you are not looking for edgings or doily patterns, this book is still enjoyable to look through.    Let me show you.  

The book is 32 pages.    The front and back cover is the same. 

No 3001 - Roseglow - Crystal and Lace Luncheon Set.  Tatted with ball and shuttle.  

No 3002 - 3009, Tatted Edgings all created with a ball and shuttle. 

No 3010 - Springtime Froth of Lace, an Irish Crochet Doily is 10 inches in diameter and created with a No 13 Steel Crochet Hook.

No 3011 - Fragrance, filmy loveliness, Doily is approx. 7.5 x 11.5 inches.  

No 3012 - Tatted edging for Infants dress.
No 3013 - Baby Cap sized 6 months to 1 year
No 3014 Edging for Bib
All are tatted with 1 ball and 1 shuttle

No 3015 - 3020, Crocheted Edgings created with size 13 or 14 steel hooks. 

No 3024 - 3029, Lace Elegance Medallions are tatted.  

No 3034 - Petal, delicacy of snowdrops, Doily Luncheon Set is worked with a steel crochet hook 11 or 12.  Each motif measures 1.5 inches.  82 motifs are required for each doily.

No 3035 - Tatted Alphabet to use for, well, whatever you want!  Created with 1 shuttle and 1 ball. 

No 3036 - 3037 Hemstitched Edgings

No 3038 - Mimosa simple line of beauty - a Venetian Doily.  This lovely pieces measures approx. 11 inches and is worked with a steel crochet hook No 13. 

No 3039 - Anemone is tatted with 1 shuttle and 1 ball.  It measures 7 inches. 

No 3040 - Rosemary, old world charm is worked with a steel crochet hook No 12 or 13.   It measures approx. 12 inches. 

No 3041 3042 - Good Night Ladies Tatted Slip Tops

This booklet was issued as promotion for American Thread Mercerized Branded Threads.   Which means, of course, these are the brands called in the different patterns.     I've scanned this book to a PDF file, and it is available in my shop, should you wish to create some of these of your own.   

So, what do you think?    Lovely patterns, great artistic drawings, a delightful vintage book.  

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