Saturday, September 17, 2011

Belding Vintage Thread Case

I've begun clearing out some of my old art supplies in hopes of A) moving to Baton Rouge early next Spring and 2) I'm moving away from paint and found materials and towards fiber and found materials. 

Cleaning out is always interesting ... all those 'oh ya, I remember that' moments.   Like last Spring when, over a month of yard sale Saturdays I kept coming home with boxes of sewing thread ... which I stuffed into a variety of storage boxes for that day ... someday ... when I start experimenting with my sewing machine.   I came across a couple of them today cleaning out a cabinet. 

This very rudimentary storage system made me recall a vintage (1920's I think) Belding Silk Thread Case that I recently saw at the LSU Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge.

This case was an artifact set-up in an old General Store on the grounds.    There were a couple other cases there, but nothing as wonderful as this one.      Each drawer (quite deep), pulls out and has individual slots to hold the thread.  

Now, I know these were produced as store displays, and are quite difficult to come by these days.   And, should I find one, I'm sure it would be well out of my price range, but a woman certainly can dream.    Right?

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