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Friday, October 21, 2011

Beanies, Beret, Stocking Caps Hats to Knit and Crochet

This pattern book is sure to have something for everyone .... casual stocking hats, berets, visors, beanies.    Most are casual, a couple are elegant.  They all look quite easy.    This book was put out in 1965 by Bertrand Publishing.   It was obviously promotion materials for the Fleisher, Bear Brand and Botany Yarn Lines.   I'm not sure what the relationship is YET, but as I have a number of these books in my pending box, I'm sure I will be finding out.  

The book is (Revised) Volume 92 and is officially titled .....

Hits in Hats 
To Knit and Crochet 

The front covers shows us all 11 patterns included in the book.   All but three have a top ornament thing going on ... pom-pon's, tassels or thing-a-ma-jig (bottom left ... just what would that be called, anyway).   I like all of the hats, although, I'm not sure where I'd wear the Angora beauty in the number 8 position.   Actually, the real bummer about living in Southeast Louisiana is is seldom gets cold enough that I've every had an opportunity to wear any of them.     BUT, I do so like looking at the pictures.     Someday, when I'm an old (okay ... older) widow, I'm going to move to Ashville, NC and there, I'll be needing hats.  

I listed these separately in my shop, versus the book as a whole.   If you are interested, this link will take you to them.     If not, I hope that you enjoyed looking at the picture as much as I did.

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