Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coat Dress Sewing Patterns

When one doesn't care for the defines of a suit, however, the occasion seems to call for one, perhaps the answer is a Coat Dress.   Wear it from the desk to the boardroom .... design and comfort all the way.  

The classic coat dress will be sewn with similar fabrics, more on the lightweight side, as your typical coat.  Where the fun comes in is with the little design features .... the back tie belt, perhaps double breasted, the shawl collar.    Overall, other than small changes with the times, they basic design remains the same .... guess that is why the maintain their category ... Coat Dress

This design is a mini, featuring 7 panels, the back tie, side seam pockets and collar. 

This Mail Order Version has two options; leave the button (holes) off for a coat, or add the buttons and it becomes a Coat Dress.   (Or a coat with buttons and a tie, of course).   In the Coat Dress arena, I think it would look better presented with a belt.  

A Sleeveless Coat Dress that closely resembles a jumper.  It does have the classic look in the front.

This beauty has princess seaming and gives the option of either single or double breasted and gives us a good visual of contrasting fabric capabilities.  

The Coat Dress removes that line .... I'll be with you in a minute; Just let me get my coat"   Okay, corny, I know.   (Is Corny still a word?). 

For those of you seamstress that also grace our Corporate World, you might want to consider a Coat Dress. 

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