Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mail Order Dresses Topper Patterns Vintage 1953

  In the Mood For Spring .... so proclaims the Pattern Page from the February 1953 issue of The Workbasket.   The dresses are both sleek and sharp and the Topper (Jacket), has the left-over feel from the 1940s.   

Workbasket 9270:  Front Buttoned dress with detachable collar.   The dress was also marketed as Marion Martin 9270  with sizes going up to 42. 

Workbasket 9395:  Misses Topper or Coat.    Note the description - the sleeves turn back to form cuffs of any length.   I would think the collar would fold down as well.  The picture shows the topper closed, but there are no buttons pictured.   Do you think there is a zipper?

Workbasket 4884:  A nice shirtdress with a flared skirt.  The dress is MMP (shorter waist) as well as half sizes.   It would, indeed, be slimming.

I particularly like the short sleeve version of Workbasket 9270.  The extended sleeves balance off the hips perfectly.   It wouldn't be any trouble at all finding room for it in my closet.    I'm not sure the topper fits the Spring Mood, perhaps it is in there for the Northerners.  

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