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Monday, October 10, 2011

Tatted Flower Beaded Earrings, Vintage Free Pattern

Here is the last pattern that I pulled out of the January, 1953 issue of The Workbasket to share with you.    This pattern is officially called ....

Beaded Flower Earring in Tatting

Although the picture is lousy (very typical of the vintage Workbaskets), it does look to have the potential of being a unique and interesting accessory.   Of course, you'll need to change the screw-backs to some posts.  I'd think you should be able to cluster a couple of these together and form a brooch as well.

Make a set for yourself.   If they turn out well, make them up for your friends .... after all, Christmas is coming. 

P.S. -- Update on 1/12/2012.   This pattern was obviously quite popular in it's time.   I found it reprinted in the April 1953 issue with nothing but the cover picture changed .... same pattern just three months apart.

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