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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yarn Packs, Vintage Columbia Minerva Advertisement

This vintage advertisement presents us with a (then) current 1953 product from Lees Columbia-Minerva --- yarn packs with a personal touch.   

What a great little product ....  a complete little kit to get you start to finish through a project.   Now, the ad does not indicate that the pattern is included, however, it is certainly implied.   It also indicates you might have to buy multiple packs to complete the project.    Which would certainly make sense, as the canisters don't look that large. 

What I really like about them .... they have gift giving written all over them.   The canister is absolutely perfect to roll it up in some paper and stick a bow on the top.   

This ad comes from the February 1953 issue of the Workbasket.   I don't know how long they offered this particular product packaging, however, a Google search resulted in absolutely nothing.  

In review .... the picture of the first canister, that smiling man character, is just too fun.  

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