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Monday, November 21, 2011

Caterpillar Yarn Craft Project, Fuzzy Wuzzy

Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy -- a big yarn caterpillar.  He's created using Heavy Rug Yarn and some rick rack.     The size of Fuzzy Wuzzy is not indicated in the instructions, however, I'm guessing 12" or more.    This looks like it might be a fun project to work with your kids ...   From the instructions, I'm not sure it is secure enough to be considered a toy for younger children. 

Here's Fuzzy Wuzzy, and directions ....


This pattern comes from Star Book 207.  This booklet was part of American Thread's 'Make it with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn back in the early 1970s .... Another picture of Fuzzy Wuzzy is shown on the front cover. 

(Note, this booklet was published without copyright in the early 1960s and is therefore in the public domain for sharing).
I'm transferring this project over from a blog I had at Artfire that has become obsolete (literally ... there software quit working).   I'll have to go and dig this book out, as it looks like I've never documented it for the shops, other than this project.   So ... Star Book 207 will be coming t this blog soon. 

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