Friday, November 25, 2011

Dreaming of a Dress with a Gathered Neckline, Pattern

It is an unknown day in January, 1978, and our seamstress, while flipping through the Sunday Newspaper Advertising Fliers, saw it.     A Dress from Sears.

A wonderfully comfortable dress with a gathered neckline, drawstring, and long sleeves, also gathered at the wrists, and the final added touch ... the matching skinny belt.  Just the dress to wear ... well .. to where-ever.   The dress is available at Sears, marked down from $25.00 to $19.99.      Our seamstress, however, does not scoot on over to Sears to get the dress ... she tucks the ad in her purse and the search begins.  

And finally, she finds it ... at least a year later!

McCalls 5888, Vintage 1979  (Remember, the ad is dated January 1978)

And, I say she nailed it.   With the exception of the belt and the sleeve cuffs, it a match.    But, apparently the flame for the dress must have died, because the advertisement was simply deserted with the uncut, factory folded pattern in the envelope.   And, I'm leaving it there (the advertisement) so they next owner of the pattern can invent their own history, as well.

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