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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Knit or Crochet a Caplet, Just for Fun

Tucked away in an old (public domain) magazine I came across several capelet patterns, mostly knit but a couple crochet.  In their write-ups, some of these are billed as both capes and some as collars.  I bill them as fun.   They are 1960s and are, of course, reminiscent of the era.

This one, Pink Cape Collar,  is a pullover and knitted with jumbo 1 inch needles.  The top folds down to make the wonderful collar.

The Flower Yoke Cover-Up zips in the back (in case you have a BIG hairstyle) and features delightful embroidery work.   This one is knitted in Stockinette Stitch.

This is called the Banded Cape Collar, for apparent reasons.   It is knit/crochet and, has that go-anywhere casual look.  

The Striped Crochet Collar, sits gracefully on the shoulders with a nice twist to secure it.   Now, I can see why this one might be referred to as a collar; particularly with the little mandarin thing going on.

The Luxury Cape Collar is crochet, with a giant hook for that chunky look.   It's a pullover, close fitting piece.   I'm not sure it would work on a broader shoulder woman, but what do I know?

Now, although I like all of them, the yellow one, Banded Cape Collar has to be my favorite ... with the little Striped Cape Collar, closely behind it.     These brought to my attention how lacking I am in life.   Why, I don't own a single cape / capelet.   And, here in Southeast Louisiana, where a coat certainly would not be a requirement, a capelet may be just perfect.    I'll have to see what I can do.  

I've listed these in my shop; there might be a couple more as well ... I do have several thousands waiting for me to get around them them.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Square Chair Seat Pattern to Crochet

Although this pattern isn't extremely exciting, should one need a pattern to crochet some seat covers, this pattern might just work perfectly.      It's from the November, 1953 issue of The Workbasket.   (A vintage pattern to park your vintage, or not-so-vintage, seat).   Okay, I'll admit it ... really corny joke.

If you'd like to print this one, first you have to copy/paste it to a word document on your hard drive.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Tree Lamp Shade from 1953

Two advertisements from The Workbasket, November 1953.
just for fun

An advertisement for an Christmas Tree Lamp shade

 And, just to prove the popularity of Christmas Tree Lamp Shades, another advertisement for a variation of the same thing another 20 pages back.     And, this one Glows in the Dark !!! AND ... there's a limit of not more than 2 per customer.    I particular like the line, 'turn off the room lights, and won't your guests be surprised'.     (10 years later and this could have been equated to a Timothy Leary experience)

They must have been immensely popular, because a search of Ebay shows nary a one.   This must mean that they've passed down to the next generation and are now family heirlooms.  

Ya right.   (Now I have a better understanding of my my mother use to put hang bells and tinsel on our lamps!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chin Strap, Vintage Beauty Torture Device

It's an advertisement from the 1953 issue of The Workbasket.

To recap the article :
Use 15 minutes a day, exercising  and massaging with throat cream.  The natural movements of your chin and neck do their part.  Muscles obtain exercise, circulation is stimulated.    Expect to be lovely in just a couple weeks.

And, you can tell just looking at the picture that it works.   That young woman has lovely skin, taut and firm. For her, that was $1.50 well spent !

But, I just don't get it.   Now, I know that I don't have one of these uncomfortable looking torture devices to coax my neck into absolute loveliness, but I'd think the the 16 hours per day that I spend talking, singing and eating would surely substitute for the 15 minutes.   Oh Well.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Daisy Medallion Crochet Afghan Pattern

As far as afghans go .... this one is fun.    It's fun to look at and I have no doubt that it is equally (perhaps even more so), fun crochet.     It measures 46 x 60 inches and is made up of 176 daisy medallions that are 4 1/2 inches from point to point.       It's one of the mail order patterns, Design 711 to be exact.
The fun part has to be making these sweet daisies.  Make them on the couch or in the car.   You could even go overboard and take them out to dinner and work them between courses.   You know how addictive they would become.    In no time at all, you'd be making afghans for everyone ... even those you have already gifted with an afghan.     Okay, so maybe that is a stretch ... but, that is what I would be doing.   

As a surprise, the previous owner of this pattern stapled the original mail order ad from the newspaper.   Given us that little bit of history was indeed very sweet and something I wish all of you readers do ... attach a little history to your patterns. 
Just 50 cents, plus first class postage, back in December of 1968.    I bet they sold plenty of them.  

I've listed this pattern, Mail Order 711, in PDF format in my shop, should you be interested.   There are, of course, dozens and dozens of other Crochet Afghan Patterns, as well as a fair number of Knitted Afghan Patterns as well.  

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Alice Brooks Designs Catalog, Knit and Crochet Patterns

I have several of the vintage (40s to 70s) catalogs from the Mail Order pattern folks.   I had been contemplating for some time, what to do with these.   You may have seen these around.   This one is an Alice Brooks Catalog.   It have no date references, but based on the furniture styles in the pictures, I'm guess late 1950s.
 This little catalog, 32 pages in all, is filled with mail order patterns that Alice Brooks chose to distribute.  

 This catalog, like the others, have an assortment of the various needlecrafts sold as mail order patterns - like clothing, 

and crafts and quilting, 

 and tons of embroidery; a very popular craft in the 1950s. 

And, a fair number of knit and crochet patterns.  

Now, I did scan and put this catalog in my shop for those that also collect them, or want the public domain images for mixed media art.   Then I continued to ponder how to go about sharing them in a way other than blog posts for the individual pages.     Then the idea came me.   I could set up individual pages here in my Blog and create a co-mingled mail order catalog of my own.   And, that's what I did.

One Page for Crochet Patterns 
One Page for Knit Patterns

I know, how about the other pattern categories.  Well, many of these sewing patterns are over at Wikia Vintage Patterns, and, at the moment, I just don't have time to take on the sewing crafts, quilting and embroidery.

If you have a couple minutes, drop by the new pages and let me know what you think.

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Lorrie  omain, I wanted to share the pattern and cover art information with you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simply Crochet Jacket Pattern with Trim Options

You know how old magazines patterns are ... it starts on page 27, another bit on 32, then back to 87 and on to 114.   Well, this is one of those patterns.   It took a fair amount of time to reformat and put together, but I think it has enough fun potential to make it well worth the effort.

It starts with a simple crochet jacket, with below elbow sleeves, in an easy pattern stitch alternating between single and double crochets.
All by itself, it is a great cover-up, worn as a jacket or a cardigan.    A pattern that one might just want to crochet to become a wardrobe staple.   But, I've heard, there are those that like to add a bit of whimsy to their wardrobe.   And this pattern offers several suggestions ... 6 to be exact.

And, of course, pattern instructions to create each of the individual embellishments are included.   (Versus some patterns that show you some interesting ideas and then leave you unattended to figure it out !).    I particularly like the tassels around the neckline for an interesting collar effect.

I've listed this one, vintage 1965, in my shop.   There are of course, dozens and dozens of other crochet jacket patterns in my shop as well.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crochet Doll Dresses, Crinoline Sweetheart, No 65-D

In my collection of Doll Patterns is this Crochet pamphlet from Lily.   It is Lilly Doll Leaflet No 65-D to be exact.   It's a 4 page fold-cover leaflet and gives us two marvelous crochet dresses for the 7 1/2 inch doll ... a rather standard size for when this book was issued - 1951.   The leaflet contains just two patterns. 

Crinoline Sweetheart 

Strolling Down The Avenue
Both the twirly southern belle style dresses have matching hats and instructions to make fabric panties and slips.  Two perfect ensembles for the girly girl to dress her dolls.  

Although this is officially Lily Doll Leaflet No 65-D, I don't think that means that Lily graced us with 64 earlier Doll books.   Just that this is the 65th leaflet that Lily issued and just happened to be Doll patterns.   

These old patterns are timeless; little girls today will love them just as they did back in 1951.   The only challenge (beyond the crochet skills, of course) is finding the 7 1/2 inch doll.      I've scanned this to PDF format and listed it in my shop - Lily Doll Leaflet No 65-D.   I also have a number of other doll crochet patterns, should you care to browse.   

So, which is your favorite ?    Thanks for dropping by, 

Baby Knit Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 200

Coats & Clarks pattern books, in comparison to, say, Columbia Minerva Baby Books, is on the small side.  But, we certainly can't hold that against them, at least in this little booklet - Knit and Crochet for Babies.   Although there are not a lot of patterns, there are some real charmers here.

 Coats & Clarks, Book No 200
 B-759 :  Crocheted sailor suit, complete with cap

B-760 : Crochet Cross Stitch Dress - sized 6 to 18 months.

B-761 - Crochet Sacque, Bonnet and Bootees for infants.  This is shown in color on the back page. 

B-762 - Crochet Soaker Pants on the left and knit on the left. 

B-764 - Crochet Surplice Jacket for those 6 to 18 months.

B-767 - Baby (6 to 18 months) Knit Ruffled Neck Dress

B-768 - Knit Two-Color Sacque and Cap, sized 12 to 18 months

B-769 Knit Bunting and Cap - One Size

B-770 - Knit Lace Shawl measures 58 inches square.   The only item not for baby, but so very nice.  

And, the back cover, detailing a couple of the items in color.  

I think that perhaps the smaller books have a lot going for them.   The biggest point being their are no so many patterns that it becomes overwhelming.   A couple of these .. well ... the soakers, no longer an essential to pair of with the cloth diaper (for most), but we should still consider them for their accessory value!   AND, as for that knit ruffled neck dress; I don't see how they could get much cuter than this.

I don't have this book available.  I'm not able to scan this book to PDF for my shop as the copyright is 1970, making it NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.  But, if you see something here that is a must have for a favorite baby, a Google search should uncover a couple.     I do, of course, have alot of other baby crochet and knit patterns in my shop, should you care to browse.  

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Snowflake Doily, Free Tatting Pattern

This pretty little snowflake a tatting motif.   Take the pattern and make them up to your heart content.  Then, put them together to form doilies, chair sets .... whatever your heart desires (within reason, of course).   This delicacy is from the October 1953 issue of The Workbasket.  

I hope someone will put it to use !

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crocheted Pinwheel Potholder, Free Pattern

Straight our of the October, 1953 issue of The Workbasket, page 14 to be exact, is a pattern for a cute Pinwheel Panholder.

It's not really that large, just 7 inches in diameter, but big enough certain, to handle your pans.  Make it up with mercerized bedspread cotton and a size 8 crochet hook.  Well, here, instead of telling you about it, let me just give you (public domain) the pattern.

(If you want to print, just click to enlarge and then copy/paste to a document on your hard drive).   

 I've listed this in the Free Pattern section here in this blog, if you'd like to take a look to see if there are any other patterns you might be interested.   Also, I have an ever growing number of vintage patterns in my shop for purchase, as well.  

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mens Sweater Knitting Pattern, Vintage 1930s

Some patterns are special because they are ... well special.   Others become even 'more special' because of their story.   Like this pattern - No 5005.  It is a mail order pattern, but not the typical Design Mail Order pattern.    Check out this story line .... 1937 style ....

(Hope you can read it!)   This sure beats the old Anne Adams and Laura Brooks advertisements.   The pattern itself is quite a bit different as well.    It writes out the materials, scale and pattern stitch as typical, however, the actual pattern details (sleeve, body, neck), are charted out on graph paper.  For example, it shows a drawing with the sleeve on a graph with the pattern within it.  

Notice how short it is .... a mens crop sweater !

The pattern was quite fragile, so I carefully scanned it into a word document, formatted to a larger, easier to read style (not changing any of the words) and then transferred to PDF (including a copy of the advertisement) .   These old patterns deserve restoring.    I've listed this one in my shop should you like to copy of your own.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crochet Dresses, Dolls of the Americas, Book 284

I've looked through this book at least a dozen times.   It reminds me of the hours that I spent playing with my dolls ... way back in the 1960s  (okay, it is a faint memory).   How I would have loved to have had dresses like the ones presented in the 1952 issue of Dolls of the Americas by Coats & Clarks.     Not only are the individual patterns deliciious, the presentation is guaranteed to bring a smile.  Here, let me show you.

 Our cover is Miss New Orleans.   Even with the apron, this outfit is a must have for all southern belle's.

 The swirl of Gypsy Girl's skirt is splendid.  And, don't miss the arm ruffles and hat on Miss Rio!

Here our girls have petticoats.   Don't miss the little shores on Miss Seventeen. 

Wonderfully full circle skirts !   Just envision the twirling about to happen.

Did you notice the little flowers on Panama Hattie dress, or the little ribbon details on both?

 This doll is smaller than the others, and her whirly girls party dress makes her a perfect little sister to the others.

 And here, Prairie Rose, visits the desert in her sundress and bonnet.  (Don't miss those tiny shoes and exaggerated bodice).  Do you suppose the horseman in the background is about to lasso her?

The patterns are designed for dolls in either the 8 or 11 inch size (one or the other; not both)     All the patterns are crochet and made using J&P Coats and Clarks O.N.T. Threads.  

So, do you think that Mothers' crocheted these dresses for their girls' dolls?   Or, were these strictly show pieces in that time period?    I'm thinking that one of you might like to stitch these up for your girls (alter slightly for Barbie) dolls.   One or two of these dresses, and she'll create memories that will never go away.      Just in case, I've listed this book in PDF format in my shop.     There are a dozen or so other doll crochet patterns in my shop as well, should you be interested in browsing.

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Best in Vests, Knit and Crochet Patterns From Spinnerin

The year was 1969 and there was a lot going on.   Man walked on the Moon, the Beattles gave their final performance, 350,000 of America's young attended Woodstock and Sesame Street makes it debut.    And, on a lighter side, skirts became shorter, colors brighter and embroidered everything subsided.   Layers became a thing.  And, Spinnerin, right in stride, issued Bests in Vests ... for those looking to knit or crochet sharp fashions.
The green and red vest are knitted; the navy vest is crochet.

The gold and grey vests are crocheted, the off-white Fisherman Vest is knitted.  

There a nice combination of patterns and designs here.   I'd say that Spinnerin nailed it on fashions that would become classic ... double breasted, belted, ribs, pockets and comfortable all rolled into single garments.  

Before you go, take a close look at the first picture.   Those false eyelashes in particular !   Although they were not introduced in 1969 (1916 to be exact), they were apparently En Vogue !

I've listed this one in my shop in PDF format if you are interested.    There are, of course, other vest patterns in my shop (his, hers and childrens), as well.

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