Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Afghan Pattern Sale for End of March

For fun, I've been adding a couple of my Afghan PDF Patterns at Wanelo.  Doing this type of thing, just like Pinterest, can become addictive.    It's also been fun looking back through the Afghan patterns I've listed in my shop so far and choosing what to list.  

While going through the Afghan listings, I started thinking ... well, why not have a sale.   So .... Why not?   I'll call it the End of March sale.

Although I still have alot of patterns to list, there are a fair amount in the shop to choose from.

                Crochet Afghan Patterns   

Now, as you know, some of the knit afghans also require a little crochet here and there.  If so, it will be mentioned in the very beginning of the description.  

This knitted ripple is my current favorite.     

Now, my afghan PDF patters are generally $3.00.  On sale, that makes them $1.50.   So ... come on by.   It  just might be a good time to stock up.

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