Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Dress to Make Your Hips Look Wider, Sewing Pattern

When I first looked at the cover of this pattern,Butterick 4621,  the words slipped right out - OMG look at how wide this dress makes her (in the yellow) hips look !  Quickly followed by - Why would anyone want to wear this  !  

Then, as I'm pulling everything out of the envelope to process, I realized the answer.   We women, with wider hips, wouldn't wear this dress.   We choose our dresses to NOT draw attention to our hips.   BUT, for those women that are thin with narrow hips, this dress would be a great selection.   The princess seams draw the eyes down, while the front inset, with it's 'V' presentation gives the impression of a waistline.   Then, the perfect placement of the mock wrap across the hips to the side finishes the definition of the figure. 

Nicely done David Warren !    

I've listed this one in my shop.  There are, of course, hundreds of other dresses there are well.  

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