Friday, March 16, 2012

Girls Fairy Costume, Sewing Patterns

Do you have a little girl who wants to be a fairy, or perhaps double it up and be a diary princess.   Chances are probably a good 90% the answer to this is a yes.  ( Of course, there is the other 10% that just want to put on their jeans and climb trees! ).    I started thinking about these little girls this afternoon, when, while processing a set of patterns and two fairy costumes were in the stack.  

There is a fair amount of variance between the two patterns, although both are in the same size range.

McCalls 3758 - A simple selection with a sleeveless raised bodice dress, all the way to the floor, and huge wings that are controlled by cuffs attached to the arms.  

McCalls M4887 - Here we have wire wings attached at the shoulders and overskirt and enough tulle (either long or short) to make any little girl feel super special.  

BUT, whoever was the lucky girls whose Momma bought these patterns, didn't get either of these dresses.  They were passed on to me uncut.  Now, how sad is that.   I'm just hoping that perhaps, Momma actually bought a third pattern that was sewn and not passed on.

If you have one of those girly girls, do consider a Fairy Costumes (links above).  Either one like these, or one of the other varieties out there in Google-Land.

P.S.   No need to wait until Halloween; she'd like to be a fairy today.

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