Saturday, May 12, 2012

Knitted Geometric Afghan Pattern, 1930s Style

Let's go back.   All the way to 1939.  On December 16th, Alice Brooks copyrighted her knitted design, which she titled 'Afghan the Pride of Beginners - No 6542'.   (It's interesting that the copyright on this was directly under Alice Brooks, and not the Household Arts).
And then, around December 30th, 1939, they took the pattern to the mail order public.

I particularly enjoyed the mail order instructions.   'Send 10 cents, carefully wrapped' and the 'five or six days before before you wish to begin work'.   Apparently, the turn around time back in 1939 was really quick!  

The pattern itself is for this square block.

And then, instructions are given on how to take this block, in different color combinations to create 4 different variations of a geometric afghan, measuring 45 x 65 inches.   AND, as a bonus, although not mentioned anywhere but at the end of the pattern, a 20 x 20 inch pillow.   (Well, it is shown in the picture).

Each style has color and knitting specifications, along with a layout diagrams.

First Style Afghan 

Second Style Afghan 

Third Style Afghan 

Fourth Style Afghan

And, to top off how great a pattern this is .... It's easy .... A simple block afghan, that when you factor in the color variations, make the potential almost limitless.    Thank you Alice Brooks !

My copy of the original pattern is in rather fragile condition.  So, I scanned it to a word documents, reformatted it and put it all back together, word for word like the original in bright crisp PDF copy.   I've listed it in my shop, Alice Brooks 6542, should you be interested.

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