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Friday, June 29, 2012

Crochet Your Gifts

This pattern booklet, Crochet Your Gifts comes to us from 1944; published by the Spool Cotton Company. Although all the patterns feature Coats and Clarks threads, it was slightly before the time the books were published under the Coats & Clarks name.   This one is simply Book 212.    The title - Crochet Your Gifts - is almost correct.   Almost in that there is one lone knitting pattern, a purse.  

There are a number of fun and enchanting surprises here.   Let me show you  (Grab a cup of whatever you like to drink ... there's alot to look at in this one!).

 The front cover (same as the back cover) shows gives us the well fitted and tailored woman of the war era - bearing a gift, of course. 
No 4023 - Pineapple Apron and No 9410 Tea Cozy.   Here's a appealing set for something different - a sweetheart apron tied only at the waist, and a matching tea cozy.   No straps on the apron and no starching - how do you think it stays put?  

No 9379 and No 9408 - Crocheted Pincushions, nicely ruffled. 
Free download. 

No 9406 - Crochet Ruffled Lampshade are 6 inches deep by 7 1/2 inches in diameter.   
Free Download

No 9402 (on left) Knitted Handbag.  This is the one exception to everything in the book being a crochet pattern.
No 9407 (on right) Crochet Bag.  Actual size is not stated, but it certainly appears roomy and sports an attractive shell stitch.

No 9409 - Crochet Flowers in a flowerpot.   
Free Download

No 7701 Sherbet Doily Set are crocheted and measure approx. 4 1/2 inches.  

No 7626 Glass Jackets in a great checkerboard pattern.   They are wearable art for your glassware.

No 7698 Crochet Luncheon Set is made in Shell Stitch and is tri-color striped.  

No 9383 Hot Plate Set features a heavy and bold V Cluster Stitch and has instructions to make a large, small or medium sized mat. 

No 9394 - A charming pillow in a generous 20 inch size for you who like filet crochet. 

No 7664A - Motif Chair Set to protect that precious upholstery and add beauty at the same time.  

No 7664B, No 9336A & B Curtain Pulls to crochet.   Did you notice the pull on the left matches the chair set above?

No 9411 Coat Hanger Covers in an attractive stripe.

No 2477 Gloves the sport an airy mesh and wrist ruffles.  

No 2703 V-Neck Collar is made up of Organdie with a nice crochet border.  Free Download
No 2653 Irish Crochet Collar gives a floral final touch to a special dress or top. 

No 4022 Tri-Color Apron has an interesting pleat thing going on, along with bands of two color stripes at the bottom.

No 9403, 9378 and 9362 - a collection of crochet potholders.   Any of these would look a great choice when putting together a quick gift.

No 5224 Pineapple Bid  and No 5268 Soft Shoes are dainty gift for a new baby ... when something truly elegant is called for.

No X130 Smiling Pete Doll measures 18 inches and would truly be a gift of love.   

No 9404 - Aproncrocheted in a lacy stitch with bottom band and pockets is trim and attractive.

No 4020 and No 4021 - Sachets; One star and one frilly ruffled heart - perfect for the closet, or anywhere you might enjoy a little extra scent. 

No X129 - Horse - Perhaps not proportionally correct, but certainly a toy full of crocheted fun. 

No 5267 Bibs - Now, what could be more fun that Humpty Dumpty, his wife and kids on baby's bibs. 

Well, you may recall I mentioned there was a lot to look at.  It took me almost 5 days to work all the way through this.  (Okay ... not nonstop).  But Spool Cotton Company did a great job with this one.  (Almost) every one still a useful item and appreciated gift.   I've put most of these in my shop (just click the links) and a couple of them under the free patterns section of this blog.

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.   Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crochet Edging on an Organdy Collar

This collar, vintage 1944 from Spool Cotton Company - Crochet Your Gifts, is a quite an attractive accessory.

It is elegant in its simplicity.   Dress it up with a simple black dress, or dress it down and pair it up with a high neck t-shirt; or any points in between.  The collar is made up of organdy (did you know that was spelled Organdie in the 1940s?), to which a band of crochet is added.   Make it up just like the pattern directs, or frill it up and add a few more rows.    The choice is yours, of course ...

This pattern is available as a Free Download in my Shop, should you like to give it a try.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Crochet Dress with Shirley Temple Style

The picture on this crochet pattern leaflet brings to me fond memories of watching Shirley Temple movies (in reruns of course).   Officially, it is Leaflet M-10-36 published by American Thread Company.   The pattern set includes a crochet dress for girls sizes 4 to 6, pattern No 367, paired up with a very cute Crocheted Dog, pattern No 368.

And, why does it remind me so much of Shirley Temple, well ... here's a picture of her, positing with her dog. 

 And, I'd say, no coincidence at all, since the pattern is 10-36 and the picture of Shirley is also 1936.   An advertising campaign at its' best !

But, in all fairness, even without the adoration we all have for the little girl Shirley Temple, it is a quite nice crochet dress and who doesn't love a crocheted dog.    I've listed both patterns in my shop, should you be interested.

Girls Crocheted Dress No 367
Crocheted Dog No 368

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crochet Flowers in a Flowerpot, Free Pattern

Here are some vintage flowers just waiting to come to life.   Crochet the flower heads, attach each one to a pipe cleaner and then secure in a small pot with a little of Plaster of Paris.   Of course, you could crochet up a bunch of flowers and put them in a large pot !   Or, perhaps secure a pinback and turn into a flower broach, or stitch onto a headband for your little girls (or yourself).

You've got the idea ... stitch them up and do whatever you might like with them !   (Looking for more variety, try Current Attractions, American Thread 214.)

This pattern is available as a Free Download in my Shop, should you like to give them a go.

Enjoy the pattern, and as always, thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crochet Ruffled Lampshade, Free Pattern

Here's a frilly ruffled lampshade ... perfect to make up for the little girl in your life .... or even yourself.   The pattern is vintage 1944 from Spool Cotton Company - Coats and Clarks.  

The official description for the pattern:  
This Ruffled Lampshade will be a joy to own and takes to the tub like a hankie.  It's easy to crochet.  

Now, what do you think the 'takes to the tub' means.   Easy to wash, or is this some vintage phrase that I obviously know nothing about?    (Feel free to educate me .... please).

 The pattern is available in my shop as a Free Download, should you like to give it a try.

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Crochet Pincushion Pattern, Nicely Ruffled

My mother sewed a great deal when I was young.  That was when it was a less expensive way to clothe your family.   She always had a number of pincushions.  She positioned them around the house.  Not just at her sewing table, but by the couch, armchair, etc.  Wherever she might land to baste or sew handsew a hem.  One of her favorites had a piece of elastic on the back where she could put it on her wrist.   It looked almost like this one.

Now, crochet was not one of her many talents, so I'm assuming someone gifted it to her, or she found it at a rummage sale.    

These memories came flooding back to me when I turned the page in Book 212, Crochet Your Gifts, from Spool Cotton Company (Coats and Clarks).  There was this one on the page as well ...

Nice variations of each other.   I'd think it would be quite easy to sew on an elastic strap and you could wear one on your wrist as well.

If you'd like to give them a whirl, I've added the to my Docstop account.

Thanks for dropping by,

Crochet Pincushion Pattern with Ruffled Edges -

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Tricks to Crochet and Knit

New Quick Tricks to Crochet and Knit was issued by Coats & Clarks back in 1954.  The 'New' in the title puts me on alert as it implies that there was previously a Quick Tricks by Coats & Clarks.   Gosh ... will this collection never be complete !

Anyway, it is a nice little pattern book mostly on the crafts side - home decor and accessories.   There's sure to be something in here for everyone .... assuming there are a few men that would really like the placemats, potholders or glass mitts.  (You just never know!).

Although I don't typically include the cover jacket in my reviews, just had to on this one.   The cover art is delightful.    

S-601 Watermelon Hot Plate Mats & Napkin Holder.   This crocheted set is meant to be slipped over wire hot plate racks of the specified size.   I'd think the true watermelon lover would be able to alter the edge to lay flat. 
S-607 to S-612 - 6 different styles of glass jackets, to crochet. 

S-604 Square Potholder - Free Crochet Pattern offered here.
S-603 Golf Club Mitts - This colorful set is knitted, with crochet numbers.
S-602 Coat Hanger Covers - Color Coordinate your closet with these crochet covers, just for fun. 
S-605 Sugar N Cream Pot Holder Set -- Fun to crochet, I'm sure - even more fun to own.
S-601 - Pink Cloche - A fast and easy crochet beanie.
S-606 - Waste Basket Cover - Crochet to fit any size wastebasket.  What a great way to update the bathroom or den look !

S-613 Baby Monkey :  This sweet crochet pattern is sure to be a big hit with all fans of sock monkeys.
S-615 Pink Slippers - These crocheted beauties will be perfect to pair up with a housedress for a day of comfort.
S-614 Happie Chappie Potholder - This is a crochet that 'almost' everyone is sure to love. This pattern is available for Free Download.
S-616 Flower Pot Cover / Use this crochet pattern to create either a doily or a plant cover, or make two and use as pictured.
S-618 Baby Bib is crocheted with ribbon entwined edge.
S-617 Danville the Dachshund - the crochet pet of your dreams.

S-620 & S-621 Jeweled Collars :  Romantic detachable collars to dress up your wardrobe. 

S-625 Checkerboard Set is featured on the back cover.   A fun set for everyday use includes

Now, I'll say that the title was misleading ... the patterns contain no actual 'Quick Tricks' to make the projects.   We'll just have to surmise the Quick Tricks was meant to mean fast and easy designs.

P.S.  Wonder if there was a "More New Quick Tricks" published in the 60's.

The majority of these patterns are available in my shop individually, just click on the link.   And, there are other patterns in the shop for ... well ... just about everything, should you feel like browsing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Electric Sewing Machine Manual

 Here is an old sewing machine manual I happened across awhile back - a thrift store find.  I finally got around to looking at it today and just must share.  This is a perfect example, in my opinion, of vague.

Here's the cover the manual.  Notice that it does not reference either a Model Number or a Brand?   I searched through all 20 pages and nope ... not one single mention of what specific machine this applies.

Folded up, inside the book is another vague hint.

Apparently, with the purchase of the sewing machine, the owner was given a certificate, which they refer to as a Bond.  I read through it a couple of times and got quite a chuckle.  Reading closely, this warranty covers just about nothing.   Here it is titled only Electric Sewing Machine and you take to a Electric Sewing Machine Dealer for service.

And, apparently the original owner kept good track of her purchase, as the original sales receipt was also included.  Here we receive our only clues.

Purchased as Maison Blanche (a high end store for that time) in 1969.  The price was $89.95, which would seem a fairly high price for a sew machine in 1969.    There is still no model number or brand indicated, just, what I would assume to be, an inventory number -011 W 71.

So, for me, this manual is a mystery.   But, just in case you know and really need to have this manual for your Electric Sewing Machine, I scanned it and posted on my Docstop account.  

If you know more, please do share.    Thanks for dropping by,

Deluxe Electric Sewing Machine Manual -

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happie Chappie Crochet Potholder Pattern

I know that I shared a crochet potholder pattern with you just a couple days ago, but this one, Happie Chappie, is just too cute not to share !

Now, is this an irresistible face, or what?    I not sure I'd ever use this little cutie on a pot.   I think I'd make up about a half dozen of them, in the colors of my kitchen and hang them up as wall art.  Functional, yes --- but, probably not!   I might even go so far as to give them names.   After all, one can never have too many friends in the kitchen.

This pattern is available in my shop as a Free Download.  Perhaps you will make a few ?

Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crocheted Potholder, as Functional as it Gets

I'll admit that the free pattern for today is nothing highly exciting ... not like a crochet evening dress, or fun like a Smiling Pete Rag Doll, but it is definitely functional.

And, you have to admit, this is something that everyone needs, be the male or female.   So, whether you are looking to replace the dowdy potholders in your kitchen, or give a family member or friends some new potholders to replace the dowdy ones they own, here a perfectly fine pattern ... and, it is attractive as well, with that contrast border going on.     This pattern is vintage 1954, from Coats & Clarks Book 307.

The pattern is available as a free download in my shop, if you'd like to make a few of your own.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crochet Hats and Accessories, Book 227

Here's a pattern book that takes us way back to 1945 -- that's 67 years.  Now, this was way before my time, but as I understand, it was a time of frugality and romance.  Frugality as our country had been a war for a number of years and romance because the war was over and husbands and sons were coming home.

Officially, this is Clarks and JP Coats Book 227, published by the Spool Cotton Company.   Other than the small splash of color on the cover, all the pictures are black and white ... a very provocative black and white.    And, just like the title implies, it contains patterns for hats, several purses and a two jabots - all Crochet.    Let me show you.

No 2762 & No 2784 - Crochet Hat and Handbag.  Note the ribbon on the hat and the crochet fringe on the fold-over flap.

No 2777 - Crochet Hat - Soft and romantic; here again the ribbon adding in a soft touch.  Remember 1945 was a frugal year.

No 2779 - Officially called a turban.   Did you notice the rows of pearls and the cap appearance in the back?
No 2766 - Jabot - Made up in two colors with a black border.   A simple, yet elegant scarf to add to your wardrobe.
No 2763 - Crochet Hat - This has a artistic slump to the side, further accentuated wtih a set of tassels.

No 2775 - Crochet Hat - Shown with the brim flapped back, however, I'm sure it would be equally fun with it worn down and floppy.   Did you notice that the cap doesn't totally attach - just a bit of a hobo look don't you think.
No 2783 - Crochet Bag - This roomy bag closes with a fold over and button and it meant to carry gracefully by the hand, or perhaps crossed across the wrist.

No 2774 - Crochet Calot - I particularly love the motif pattern over the ear flaps.
No 2773 - Jabot - Again we have a touch of crochet trim.  Perfect to contrast for a specific outfit.
No 2768 - Crochet Hat - A delightful pillbox that, 20 years later, would have been a treasured hat of Jackie O.
No 2769 - Crochet Hat - Has a brim ready to curl anyway you should wish and just begging for a feather.
No 2782 - Crochet Bag - A bit like a drawstring back popular during this time period, but not.  It folds to a close with a loop that the handles slips through.

No 2764 - Crochet Hat - This perfect beauty would be center stage in a movie staring Bette Davis.   A simple, yet classic, go to 'anywhere' hat.

No 2767 - Crochet Hat - A Tophat; perfect for New Years Eve, or anytime a little extra fun might be called for.  The motifs at the center add just the right amount of personality.

No 2765 - Crochet Hat - Pull it back with the edges folded slightly over, or pull it down over your ears.   The round top gives it a style that's frugal and different and the ribbon, a touch of whimsy.  This one is available for Free Download.
No 2778 - Crochet Cap - Here's a variation of a stocking cap, it folds back at the front and then the stocking folds over and ties at the side.   A 1940s original.

No 2770 - Crochet Hat - A lovely calot of lovely petals stitched together with button adornment on the back.
No 2781 - Crochet Handbag - A roomy box purse with an interesting oval shape and short handles.

And, the back and front cover are the same.   So, what do you think?   Practical, yet intriguing, fun and romantic accessories.    Here the year was 1945, but why not make them your own !

These patterns are listed individually in my shop; just click the Pattern Number links.  

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.
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