Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Electric Sewing Machine Manual

 Here is an old sewing machine manual I happened across awhile back - a thrift store find.  I finally got around to looking at it today and just must share.  This is a perfect example, in my opinion, of vague.

Here's the cover the manual.  Notice that it does not reference either a Model Number or a Brand?   I searched through all 20 pages and nope ... not one single mention of what specific machine this applies.

Folded up, inside the book is another vague hint.

Apparently, with the purchase of the sewing machine, the owner was given a certificate, which they refer to as a Bond.  I read through it a couple of times and got quite a chuckle.  Reading closely, this warranty covers just about nothing.   Here it is titled only Electric Sewing Machine and you take to a Electric Sewing Machine Dealer for service.

And, apparently the original owner kept good track of her purchase, as the original sales receipt was also included.  Here we receive our only clues.

Purchased as Maison Blanche (a high end store for that time) in 1969.  The price was $89.95, which would seem a fairly high price for a sew machine in 1969.    There is still no model number or brand indicated, just, what I would assume to be, an inventory number -011 W 71.

So, for me, this manual is a mystery.   But, just in case you know and really need to have this manual for your Electric Sewing Machine, I scanned it and posted on my Docstop account.  

If you know more, please do share.    Thanks for dropping by,

Deluxe Electric Sewing Machine Manual -

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