Saturday, July 14, 2012

Braided Animals, A Craft Sewing Pattern

Now, here is a design that is sure to bring out the vintage memories of many of us ... homemade toys.

These little guys, a Bull, Dog, Donkey, Pig and Frog are made with whatever scraps might catch your whimsy, bits of felt for their faces and heavy yarn to braid and attach for arms and legs.   Make them up for the children in your life, or ... why not make a few for the child in you ?

I have listed this pattern in my shop and it is available for free download, should you be interested.   I do hope a few of you decide to give them a try.

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  1. My mother made the frog for a neighbor's child's first Bday in 1967. Once she "opened" it, Froggie was the only thing the child wanted that day. It became like a security blanket to her. Mom made one for me with the left over fabric; 5 years later made one for my little brother who loved mine. Both brother & I still have them. Brother's frog went into the Army with him after bootcamp -probably the only frog to spend two years in the Old Guard. :)